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Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn FAQs

No. Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn is only offered through the Texas A&M freshman admissions process. If you have not started taking college coursework after high school graduation and you are interested in applying for admissions to TAMU, you can contact the Texas A&M Office of Admissions and/or the Texas A&M Freshman Admissions Process

If you are a current Blinn student and you are looking to transfer to A&M, please contact the Texas A&M Office of Admissions and/or visit the Texas A&M University transfer webpage for more information.

If you are interested in Engineering as a major, you could consider attending the Blinn-Brenham Campus and participating on the Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Blinn-Brenham.  

Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn provides students an opportunity to be co-enrolled at both Texas A&M University and the Blinn College District. Academy students participate in a learning community, where they will take their first-year math and science courses together on the RELLIS Campus in Bryan and take their Texas A&M engineering courses together on the Texas A&M campus.

Students who successfully complete Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn by the first summer term following their second year with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.5 at both institutions as calculated by Texas A&M will be automatically admitted into Texas A&M for the following fall term and can apply for a degree-granting major in the Texas A&M College of Engineering. Students also have an option to transition early through the Entry to a Major (ETAM) process that is only available to College of Engineering students.

In the Brenham Campus program, students will live together in Mill Creek Hall on campus and will take all their Engineering Academy classes (math, science, and engineering) together as a cohort. Engineering courses will be taught by a Texas A&M College of Engineering faculty member; therefore, Academy students on the Brenham Campus will not have to commute to Texas A&M.

Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn students take all their Engineering Academy classes together, but this program does not offer a campus living option for these participants – these students live off campus and commute between Texas A&M-RELLIS in Bryan and Texas A&M University in College Station for their courses.

The admission process is another key difference between the two programs. Admission to the Engineering Academy at Blinn-Brenham offers students an opportunity to apply directly to the Blinn-Brenham Campus via the ApplyTexas application. First-time and continuing college students who are pre-calculus or calculus ready (having completed MATH 1316, scored at least a 25 on the Math section of ACT, scored a 600 on the Math section of SAT, or scored at least a 263 on the Blinn Math Placement Exam) are eligible to apply.

To participate in the Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn program, students must apply to Texas A&M via the freshman ApplyTexas application. Entry to Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn is by invitation only and this offer will be made by the Texas A&M Office of Admissions.

Students from both programs who successfully complete their experience and meet qualifications will be automatically admitted into Texas A&M and can apply for a degree-granting major in the College of Engineering.

An option to apply for early transition into an engineering degree-granting major is available for students who have completed a minimum of two math, two science and two engineering courses required for an engineering major and have earned a minimum 2.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at both institutions, as calculated by Texas A&M. This option, “ETAM,” is available at the end of the first spring term, second fall term, and second spring term. 

Entry to a Major (ETAM) process for Texas A&M University


No.  However, students who complete at least two math, two science, and two engineering courses and earn a 3.75 cumulative GPA or higher at each institution are guaranteed entry to the first-choice engineering major at the end of their first year.  Detailed information can be found on the Engineering Academy Entry-to-a-Major website.

Upon entry to a degree-granting major in Texas A&M College of Engineering, an engineering student in the Engineering Academy program may choose to remain co-enrolled with Blinn College for an additional semester or until the completion of the two-year program.  Engineering students remaining at Blinn College after being granted entry to a major will be advised by the advisor in the degree-granting major as well as the Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn advisor.

Tuition/fees are assessed separately by the Blinn College District and Texas A&M University and are payable to each school based on the number of credit hours taken. An Academy student taking 15 credit hours (5 credit hours at Texas A&M and 10 credit hours at Blinn) will save approximately $1,500 compared to a student taking all 15 credit hours at Texas A&M.

Additional information on tuition/fees for Texas A&M University can be found at using Student Business Services Tuition Estimator. Information on tuition/fees for Blinn College can be found in the college catalog.

Students placed on scholastic probation must follow the respective Blinn scholastic probation policies and Texas A&M scholastic probation policies.

In addition, students are encouraged to review the timely completion policy in regards to this program. Please see full details here.

An engineering student removed from the Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn program for either academic or disciplinary reasons will not be allowed to continue enrollment nor be guaranteed admission to Texas A&M. Continued enrollment at Blinn College will be at the discretion of Blinn College officials.

Texas A&M College of Engineering requires all students, including Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn students, to purchase an approved device. For information, please visit:

Blinn campus at RELLIS does not offer on-campus housing. For housing within the Bryan/College Station area, please refer to the TAMU student life website.

Bus Route: Allow at least 1 hour of travel time 
Driving: Allow at least 45 min of travel time, an hour during peak travel times (i.e. 8:00 a.m., noon, and 5:00 p.m.)

Blinn students attending classes at the RELLIS Campus must purchase a parking permit through Texas A&M University Transportation Services. Blinn parking permits are not valid at the RELLIS Campus. RELLIS Campus permits are not valid at Blinn's Brenham, Bryan, and Schulenburg Campuses.

To purchase a permit and register a vehicle, Blinn students should visit On the bottom left side of the page under "Blinn Students," use your myBLINN credentials to log into your account.

Additionally, the Aggie Spirit Bus Route 47 (RELLIS) will transport students from Texas A&M University to the RELLIS Campus. The Aggie Spirit Bus Route 12 (Reveille) will transport students from the Blinn-Bryan Campus on Villa Maria Road to the Texas A&M University campus where students may then connect to the Route 47 bus. The last shuttle leaving the RELLIS Campus to return to Texas A&M will depart at 9:30 p.m. After 7 p.m., the route will be serviced by a van instead of a bus.

Because each institution has different policies in regards to classes you will need to be sure to visit with an advisor from the institution in which you have questions about classes. In addition, if there are advising holds you will need to visit with an advisor from the institution of which the hold is in place.

Hold on your TAMU account:  Must meet with TAMU advisor
Hold on your Blinn account:  Must meet with Blinn advisor
No Holds:  Can meet with an advisor on either campus

You are most likely choosing the wrong campus by mistake.  When looking up classes, always choose the “Advanced Search” option.

My Records → Look Up Classes → Select Term → Advanced Search → Campus → RELLIS

No.  You will need to make up those hours at another time.  However, please be aware that dropping all classes at one or both institution is considered withdrawing from the institution and you must re-enroll/re-apply for the next semester. 

Another important note is that all Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn students must progress through the curriculum in a timely manner.  This means that if you drop one engineering related course (math, science, or engineering) two semesters in a row, you will be dismissed from the program.  You can view more terms and conditions on the Texas A&M Engineering website.

No.  To be forced into a course, you must go see the Division Chair of the department for the course you want to get in to.

No. You must register yourself through your myBLINN account.

Any transferable college credits earned prior to beginning the program will count toward the 45 required Blinn hours. This includes any credits earned through testing (i.e., CLEP, AP, etc.), to include any credit by exam awarded by A&M on departmental exams (such as for modern language proficiency). While such credits count for programs purposes, grades earned at other schools are not used in calculation of the Blinn grade point average.  Once a student begins the program, only courses taken at Blinn and/or A&M will count toward completion of the program requirements. 

The TGTP may be used at both schools simultaneously, but students must follow the procedures for both Blinn and Texas A&M each semester.

At Blinn:  Prior to the Blinn payment deadline, take your TGTP ID card to the Financial Aid Office.  They will need a copy of your card, and you will be asked to complete a TGTP authorization form.

The Financial Aid Office is located inside the Tejas Center located at:

Tejas Center
3125 S Texas Avenue (behind H.E.B)
Suite 1900 Bryan, TX 77805

You can fax to 979-209-7490 or mail to:

Blinn College
Financial Aid
P.O. Box 6030
Bryan, TX 77805

At Texas A&M:  Before classes begin, Email, fax, mail, or take the following information to Student Business Services:  Name, UIN, TGTP account number, type of plan purchased, and a written request to activate your plan for the semester.   (Email:; Fax:   979-845-9406; Mail:  TAMU Student Business Services / PO Box 30015 / College Station, TX 77842-3015. Take to:  General Services Complex, Suite 2801. Hours 8-5 Monday-Friday (except scheduled holidays)

Most students will take 2-3 classes at Blinn and 1-3 classes at TAMU.

Students complete MATH, science, and perhaps some core curriculum classes at Blinn. Students take engineering and core curriculum classes at TAMU. Students must be enrolled in a total of 12 college credit hours with 3-6 college credit hours at TAMU while in the co-enrollment program. The remaining hours are to be completed through Blinn College at RELLIS.

Students complete all of their financial aid through the TAMU Financial Aid Office. Any outside scholarships should be send to the TAMU Financial Aid Office.

Please note that the Texas A&M Scholarship & Financial Aid Office does not pay Blinn College. Students pay for Blinn courses. If a student is receiving aid from Texas A&M, A&M will release left over funds after paying a student’s Texas A&M statement to the student’s financial account set up by the student. The student can then use these funds to pay for his or her Blinn courses. If funds are not released to the student by the Blinn extended deadline as posted in the myBLINN account (TAMU TEAM Financial Aid Drop Hold ending date), it is the student’s responsibility to arrange for payment of the Blinn balance. Please see “How do I pay Blinn College?” for more details. 

Students who will utilize Hazlewood benefits must apply and provide documentation to both the Blinn and TAMU Veteran Services Offices.

Students utilizing VA educational benefits must submit all paperwork to the TAMU Veteran Services Office and request a PIL (Parent Institution Letter) be sent to Blinn so that the hours they are attending at Blinn can be certified to the VA.

Your Blinn ID number will be e-mailed to you within five business days of the date of your confirmation of acceptance (registration for your New Student Conference) to Texas A&M University. Please note that the e-mail can be filtered by your e-mail spam filter so be sure to check your junk e-mail.

Each student will be responsible for paying Blinn directly; Texas A&M does not send money to Blinn. For information on payment dates and how to pay Blinn, you can go to visit our Student Business Services website. If a student has not paid by the posted deadline, their classes will be dropped automatically.

Many co-enrolled students receive scholarships (TAMU and/or external) and/or financial aid. The Texas A&M Scholarship & Financial Aid Office disburses financial aid and scholarship monies to eligible students. While the Blinn payment deadline usually occurs prior to financial aid having been disbursed by TAMU, Blinn and TAMU have worked to accommodate our co-enrolled students.

Once students have completed the process of accepting their aid at TAMU, Blinn will place a TAMU Fin Aid-Payment Extension on the students account to keep classes from being dropped for non-payment. This will allow for A&M to process and disperse your aid and you will have until midnight of the posted deadline for TEAM students (listed as TAMstudents receiving Financial Aid PAYMENT DUE on the Academic Calendar) to make payments to Blinn. Students can check to see if you have this hold by viewing your holds via myBLINN -> My Records -> click the Holds Link.

Please note that if we receive notification from A&M that the student is no longer receiving aid from TAMU we will remove the hold and students will have 7 days to make payment to Blinn. We will e-mail the student’s Blinn and personal email addresses notifying them of this.

Each student will be responsible for paying Blinn directly; Texas A&M does not send money to A&M. To view payment dates for Blinn, please visit the current Academic Calendar.

Students not receiving any scholarships and/or financial aid at Texas A&M must meet the posted regular payment deadline.

Students receiving scholarships and/or financial aid at Texas A&M must meet the deadline for TAMU students receiving Financial Aid.

To view Blinn’s registration period, please visit the Blinn Academic Calendar.

To find which books you will need for your Blinn classes, visit the Blinn College-Bryan Bookstore webpage.

To maintain the integrity of our learning communities and allow all studentequal opportunity to courses, schedule changes may only occur through completing the TRACK CHANGE REQUEST FORM. This form is emailed to students' Blinn email accounts at the end of July or beginning of August.