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Blinn College livestock judging teams earn individual honors at Southern Stockman contest

Gunnar Coburn places second overall in the freshman division

November 11, 2021

Blinn College placed in 30 categories at the prestigious Southern Stockman Livestock Judging Contest held recently in Lubbock, Texas.

Gunnar CoburnGunnar Coburn placed second overall in the freshman division. He placed first in cattle judging, second in reasons, and fifth in sheep/goats.

Freshman Kyle Real was third overall, placing first in hog judging, second in cattle, and fifth in reasons.

In other freshman division results, Taylor Turner placed sixth overall, fifth in cattle, sixth in reasons, and sixth in hogs; Avery Oliver placed seventh overall, first in sheep/goats, third in reasons, and third in hogs; Weston McElroy placed eighth overall and eighth in sheep/goats; Ethan Sanchez placed ninth in sheep/goats; and Kendahl Nix placed 10th in reasons.

Kelton PoeIn the sophomore competition, Blinn’s Kelton Poe was fifth overall, placing fourth in sheep/goats, and eighth in reasons; John Reaves was second in sheep/goats; Kase LeRow was third in reasons and fifth in sheep/goats; and Katherine Eastep placed 10th in reasons and fifth in cattle.

Blinn will compete next in the North American International Livestock Exposition’s judging contest Nov. 17 in Louisville, Ky.

The livestock judging team is part of Blinn’s Agricultural Sciences Program, which has one of the most active extracurricular programs in the state, including livestock judging, the Agriculture Club, wildlife, agriculture mechanics, and horticulture.

To learn more about Blinn’s Agricultural Sciences Program and the livestock judging team, visit

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