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Blinn supports Brazos Valley Fair and Rodeo by welcoming high school welding students from across Texas

RELLIS Campus hosts more than 70 students seeking their level 3 and 4 certifications

RELLIS Campus hosts more than 70 students seeking their level 3 and 4 certifications

October 21, 2021

When Brazos Valley Fair and Rodeo organizers found themselves short of welding machines, the Blinn College District stepped in to offer students access to its new facility at the RELLIS Campus Agriculture and Workforce Education Complex.

On Saturday, Oct. 16, more than 180 high school students seeking their level 1 through 4 certifications participated in the special Texas High School Welding Series event to open the fair, including 70 who completed their level 3 and 4 certifications at Blinn’s RELLIS Campus facilities.

“There are not many fairs that live down the road from a facility of this quality,” said Fiona Tizard-Meyer, Senior Manager for the Brazos Valley Fair and Rodeo. “To have the RELLIS Campus less than 10 minutes down the road, we are very lucky and appreciative that Blinn opened its doors to us.”

Blinn’s Welding Program on the RELLIS Campus is housed in the RELLIS Agricultural and Workforce Education Complex, a 38,000-square-foot facility that provides students access to the latest equipment and technology in the field.

“We are thrilled because this event gives these students and their teachers the chance to see what goes on here on the RELLIS Campus and through our program,” Blinn Welding Technology Program Manager Dickie Jones said. “The students are the ones who are going to build our future, so if we can do something to help them and help these high schools, that is what we are all about.”

Navasota High School Welding Instructor Colton Stallings had12 students participating in the event.

“This is definitely an eye-opening experience,” Stallings said. “Any time we get the kids outside of the classroom, their eyes get huge. This is in our backyard, so for these students to realize it’s not that far of a drive and they can do this after high school at this kind of facility is pretty awesome.”

Blinn offers competency-based training in welding technology for students pursuing college credit or participating in continuing education. College credit programs build upon each other and include Level I and Level II certificates and an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in welding technologies.

All welding processes are taught in accordance with the codes established by the American Welding Society. In addition to the RELLIS Campus, Blinn offers welding courses at the A.W. Hodde, Jr., Technical Education Center on the Brenham Campus and on the Schulenburg Campus.

To learn more about Blinn’s Welding Program, visit

The Brazos Valley Fair and Rodeo runs through Sunday, Oct. 24. For a complete list of events and activities, visit

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