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Schoenvogel family adds another endowed scholarship to its legacy of support for Blinn College

$20,000 gift given to Blinn College Foundation in honor of Walt Schoenvogel

$20,000 gift given to Blinn College Foundation in honor of Walt Schoenvogel

February 8, 2021

The Schoenvogel family has added to its long history of helping Blinn College students with the endowment of a new Blinn scholarship.

Funded through a $20,000 gift to the Blinn College Foundation, the scholarship was established in memory of the late Clarence Walter “Walt” Schoenvogel Jr. Walt Schoenvogel, who died in 2017, was a member of the Foundation Board of Directors, including serving as its chairman.

The legacy of helping Blinn College nursing program students began decades ago with Dr. Clarence Schoenvogel Sr., Walt’s father, through the Schoenvogel Family Foundation.

“He was a huge proponent of the Blinn College Nursing Program,” Trey Schoenvogel, Walt’s son, said of Dr. Schoenvogel. “He knew it was the nurses who helped run his practice. The doctor can’t be in every single examination room, but the nurses can.”

The Blinn College Foundation has almost 300 endowed scholarships, and each can be life-changing for a student, said Sam Sommer, Chair of the Blinn Foundation Board of Directors.

“The Schoenvogel family is a wonderful example of people wanting to give back to the community,” Sommer said. “Through the endowed scholarships they have provided over the years, they have made an impact on many students who choose to attend Blinn College. We are truly grateful for their support.”

Blinn College Foundation endowed scholarships are available to incoming and returning students from a wide range of backgrounds, majors, and experiences. The tax-exempt organization also provides financial support for programs and activities that enhance the quality of education for Blinn students and expand educational opportunities. The Foundation also looks to heighten community awareness of the mission and accomplishments of the College and to promote excellence in education.

More information on funding an endowed scholarship or applying is available at or by calling 979-830-4017.

Current high school and college students can apply for all Blinn scholarships through a single application at Prior to applying for scholarships, students must complete their application for admission to Blinn College at

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