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Blinn-Bryan Theatre Arts Program connecting across time and space during 2020-21 season

Innovative technology provides students with enhanced educational opportunities

Innovative technology provides students with enhanced educational opportunities

October 22, 2020

The Blinn College-Bryan Campus Theatre Arts Program will use innovation and technology to bring impactful drama to audiences during its 2020-21 theatre season.

Encompassed by the theme “Connecting Across Time and Place,” the program’s Blinn-Bryan Theatre Troupe will engage audiences with two upcoming productions available through Blinn’s website.

“This is an atypical season because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but in response we are striving to create educational opportunities that provide students with skills in acting and technology by transitioning toward a hybrid theatre-film style program,” Blinn-Bryan Theatre Director Greg Wise said. “This approach allows us to create a safe and informative environment for our students to practice a craft and bring two impactful productions to the public.”

The season begins with an original adaptation of the New York Times bestselling novel “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky. Presented as weekly video journal episodes, each chapter will be filmed in advance and launched digitally every Thursday beginning October, 2020. The series will run through April, 2021.

The production follows the coming-of-age story of 15-year-old Charlie as he traverses affairs of the heart, family issues, and the challenges of friendship that punctuate his freshman year of high school.

By utilizing this unique format, Blinn students gain valuable experience with the technology required to create a film production and techniques that differ from a traditional stage performance. From green screens to advanced video and sound equipment to editing software, the digital episodes highlight the role post-production can play in bringing a story to life.

The season will continue with a Spring semester presentation of Janet Langhart Cohen’s “Anne & Emmett.” The show will be available to view digitally beginning April 15, 2021.

“Anne & Emmett” relates the fictious meeting of Anne Frank and Emmett Till. Both victims of racial intolerance, Anne and Emmett meet in an imaginary space to tell their stories.

“This year’s productions touch on serious issues and meaningful connection,” Wise said. “During this unprecedented time, the theatre troupe hopes to serve as a mechanism for bringing audiences together and encouraging thoughtful discussion and commonality.”

The Blinn-Bryan Theatre Troupe consists of Blinn theatre students, community members, and other area students who create short, interactive theatre experiences to encourage cultural and collaborative exchange in the community. Made possible by a grant from the Eugene Edge III Charitable Trust, the troupe aims to connect with audiences in new ways and foster engagement while traversing the challenges of social distancing.

Access to both shows will be available at and the suggested starting donation is $5.

For more information about Blinn’s Theatre Arts Program, visit . To learn more about the Blinn-Bryan productions, contact Wise at











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