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The top five reasons to take online classes

Considering online classes but aren’t sure if they are for you? Thousands of Blinn College students each year choose online courses for a wide variety of reasons. Here are our top five reasons to take online classes:

October 28, 2019

  1. Convenience

Online courses offer a convenience and flexibility that simply can’t be matched by traditional face-to-face courses. With online classes, you can prioritize work and family while pursuing your education. Just as importantly, you can choose the learning environment that works best for you.

  1. Flexibility

Blinn’s online courses are entirely flexible. We’ve already mentioned how online classes fit your schedule, but they also provide you with a wide range of learning options. Want to complete your degree entirely online? Blinn offers more than 20 online degrees and certificates. Want to take a single course online? Blinn offers hundreds of online course sections each semester.

Blinn even offers different types of online courses, from classes that take place entirely online to hybrid courses that combine online learning with traditional classroom instruction. Whatever you need, Blinn Online makes it possible!

  1. Save Money

At Blinn College, you already save 42% in tuition and fees compared to the average four-year state university. By taking classes online, you can save on transportation, from the cost of buying gas to purchasing a parking permit.

  1. Excellent Support Services

At Blinn, taking an online class doesn’t mean you are on your own. Blinn’s academic and technical support services are available to all students, meaning you have access to resources such as Blinn’s Academic Advising, Library, Learning Center, and Writing Center.

Blinn also offers an online orientation designed to familiarize you with eCampus. Should you encounter technical difficulties, the Blinn Online technical support staff is here to help. You can visit the Blinn Online offices in Building R on the Blinn-Bryan Campus, call 979-209-7298, or utilize our Online Help Request and Live Chat.

  1. Improve Your Self-Discipline

Just as online courses offer more freedom, they also require greater self-discipline. You may not have scheduled classes to attend, but you will still have deadlines to meet and assignments to complete. By meeting this challenge, you can build skills that carry over to many other areas of your life!

Now that you’ve seen the top five reasons why Blinn students choose online courses, learn more by visiting The admission and registration process is the same regardless of whether you take classes online or at one of our five campuses, so get started today!











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