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Taking Exams

Attention: Standardized testing services such as TSI, CLEP, ACT, GED, SAT, etc. are available at the Testing Center. For more information, please visit or call 979-209-8611.

We proctor make-up exams for traditional on-campus courses, exams for fully online courses, and non-Blinn exams.


  • The deadline for the exam is set by the instructor
  • A current Blinn I.D., current driver’s license, or other photo I.D. is required to take any exam unless an instructor is present to identify the student at the time of the exam
  • All exams must begin 1.5 hours before closing, 2 hours before closing during finals
  • Appointments are required for use of a private room. NOTE: Students requesting a private room must be on file with the Office of Disability Services.

Procedures: If you are taking an exam, come to the Front Desk. We will request your instructor's name and a current photo ID. You will be allowed to take the exam, if your instructor has left your name on the list and if the deadline has not passed.

Computer Reservation for Online Exams

To make a reservation please go to the Computer Reservation System.

First-time users must first create an account.

Note: This Account will be different than your eCampus Account.

Learning Center Rules for Taking Exams:

  • A current Blinn ID or current driver's license is required to take any exam.
  • All exams must begin one-and-one-half (1. 5) hours before closing.
  • Personal items must be stored in a locker. Locks are provided.
  • Only items approved by your instructor are allowed.
  • Talking is not allowed while taking an exam.
  • Breaks are not allowed while taking an exam.
  • The exam must be submitted before leaving the Learning Center.

We enforce a No Cheating Policy. Violation of the policy will result in forfeiture of the exam and your instructor will be notified of the incident .


Instructions for Submitting Exams to the Learning Center

  1. Fill out the examination administration form located at the front desk of the learning center or here ( long form-word)/( short form-word). Include the following information (see exam administration form for details):
    • Deadlines
    • Time limits
    • Resources required or allowed (scantrons, calculators, books, notes, etc)
    • Name(s) of student(s)
    • Exam return instructions (if not on the Bryan campus)
  2. Submit the exam in one of the following ways
    • E-mail the exam as an attachment along with instructions to:
    • Send the exam with instructions via intercampus mail
    • Deliver the exam and instructions to the Learning Center in person
    • Fax the exam with instructions to 979-209-7245
  3. Receive the completed exam(s)
    • Pick up the exam in person (instructors on the Bryan Campus)
    • Have the exams sent via intercampus mail (for off-campus instructors only ).

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Library Building,
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Fax: 979-209-7245

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