RELLIS Campus Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the RELLIS Campus and where is the Schwartz Building located?
Located adjacent to State Highway 47 and Highway 21 in Bryan, Texas, the RELLIS Campus may be accessed via either the Highway 47 or Highway 21 entrances. Blinn College’s Walter C. Schwartz Building on the RELLIS Campus is located on the corner of Bryan Road and 4th Street and will host its grand opening Thursday, August 23rd, at 10 a.m. For more information regarding the RELLIS Campus, please visit:

How will being located at the RELLIS Campus benefit Blinn students?
The new campus will allow students to transfer seamlessly to leading universities throughout The Texas A&M System located at the RELLIS Campus. The site also creates opportunities for Blinn to partner with other organizations and institutions located on the RELLIS Campus, including high-end, innovative, private research and development companies, the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), and the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX).

What else will be located at the RELLIS Campus?
The campus initially will include a cluster of seven new buildings and test beds to allow the private sector to develop secure research facilities adjacent to the System’s site. The focus will include robotics, driverless and connected vehicles, advanced manufacturing, large-scale testing, as well as smart power grids and water systems. An education center will offer four-year degrees through affiliations with universities in The Texas A&M System.

What is the construction timeline for the RELLIS Campus?
The Blinn College academic facility at the RELLIS Campus will host its grand opening ceremony at 10 a.m. on August 23, 2018, and will be open for the Fall 2018 semester.

Where does the RELLIS Campus get its name?
The RELLIS Campus is named for the Texas Aggies’ core values of respect, excellence, leadership, loyalty, integrity, and selfless service.

What academic programs will Blinn include at the RELLIS Campus?
The complete list of academic programs offered at the RELLIS Campus is available at

How many students will the RELLIS Campus accommodate?
Blinn anticipates the RELLIS Campus facility will accommodate approximately 3,000 students.

Where can I learn more about the RELLIS Campus?
To learn more about the RELLIS Campus, visit

Will students need to pay to park at both Blinn and RELLIS?
Yes. Students needing to park at RELLIS should use the Parkmobile app or pay stations to pay by the hour, or purchase an annual RELLIS permit beginning August 1, 2018. The permit will cost $310 and will be valid from August 1, 2018 through August 9, 2019. Since RELLIS is a separate campus within the Texas A&M University System, current Blinn College permits will not be valid at RELLIS. (See:

How much are tuition and fees for students taking Blinn courses at RELLIS?
Tuition and the general fees are the same for all Blinn College students. The rates for the 2018-2019 school year are as follows:


Per Semester Hour

In-District Texas Resident*


Out-of-District Texas Resident




General Fee


* In-District Texas Resident tuition rate applies to residents of Washington County.  In addition to the tuition and general fee is a non-refundable RELLIS Campus Fee of $50 per long (Fall and Spring) semester. For more information, please refer to the Blinn College catalog.

Can students co-enroll at both the Blinn-Bryan and RELLIS campuses during the same semester? If so, who should I contact?
Yes. Students may co-enroll in classes on both campuses, permitting they have enough time to commute on days they have classes at both the Bryan and RELLIS campuses. However, students cannot claim two campus preferences. Therefore, to enroll at two different campuses, like RELLIS and Blinn-Bryan, the student should send an email to to request assistance with the registration process. Students should include their Blinn ID and the Course Registration Number(s) for the course(s) they would like to take at RELLIS or Bryan. The Blinn Recruiter/Advisor will verify that they will have enough time to travel between campuses (if applicable) and will assist with changing their campus preference or overriding campus restrictions. 

If I am a Blinn Transfer Enrollment at A&M (TEAM) student or a Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Blinn-Bryan (TEAB) student, where will I take classes?
First-year TEAM and TEAB students will take their classes at RELLIS in Fall 2018. Second-year TEAM and TEAB students who have already completed their first year of courses at the Bryan Campus on Villa Maria Road will continue to take their classes at the Bryan Campus in Fall 2018.  Beginning in Fall 2019, all TEAM and TEAB students will take their classes at RELLIS.  Individual exceptions to this plan may apply, but will be thoroughly discussed with applicable students.

Is there a bus that will transport students from the Texas A&M Campus to RELLIS?
Yes. The Aggie Spirit Bus Route 47 (RELLIS) will transport students from Texas A&M University to RELLIS.  Additionally, Aggie Spirit Bus Route 12 (Reveille) will transport students from the Blinn-Bryan Campus on Villa Maria Road to the Texas A&M University campus where students may then connect to the Route 47 bus.

Is there a bus that will transport students from the Bryan Campus to RELLIS?
No. As Fall 2018 marks the first operational semester of the Blinn-RELLIS Campus, we will monitor student transportation demand and assess how to best meet student transportation needs.

Will Blinn students at RELLIS have access to Texas A&M services and amenities such as sports passes, the Student Recreation Center, or participation in the Corps of Cadets?
No. Blinn College students (with the exception of TEAM and TEAB students) do not have access to these services and amenities. However, Aggie Spirit Bus Route 12 (Reveille) will transport students from the Blinn-Bryan Campus on Villa Maria Road to Texas A&M University, where students may connect to the Route 47 bus that travels between RELLIS and TAMU.

Will my Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) still be processed by Blinn College if I am taking classes at the RELLIS?
Yes. If you are a Blinn student who takes classes at the RELLIS Campus (with the exception of TEAM and Engineering Academy at Blinn-Bryan students), your FAFSA should be sent to Blinn College. Blinn College’s federal school code is 003549. TEAM and TEAB students must submit their FAFSA to Texas A&M University.

Are developmental courses such as Developmental Integrated Reading/Writing (DIRW) and Developmental Math co-requisite courses (MATH 02XX) offered at the RELLIS Campus?
No. These courses currently are not offered at RELLIS for Fall 2018. However, we are monitoring the needs of our students and will re-visit the need for these courses in future semesters.

Will there be dining options available to students attending the RELLIS Campus?
Yes. There will be two primary food options located on the RELLIS Campus to serve Walter C. Schwartz Building occupants:

  • A food truck park and a seating area will be located a short walking distance from the Schwartz Building.  The current plan is for the food truck(s) to be open from roughly 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Anticipate that the food truck vendor(s) will accept payment in the form of cash, credit card, and debit cards.
  • The on-site Barnes & Noble bookstore located inside the Schwartz Building will have a variety of food options and concessions.  Specifically, the store will host the below items.  More information on resources and services may be found on the Barnes & Noble Blinn College web site at

Food Items

    • Open-air cooler featuring items such as fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps, yogurt, cheese sticks, etc.
    • Self-service coffee bar
    • Frito-Lay chips and snacks
    • Breakfast items, such as muffins, Pop-Tarts, and microwaveable breakfast burritos and biscuits (microwave located in store)
    • Full candy section
    • Microwaveable meals, such as instant soups and noodles, burritos, hamburgers, and Hot Pockets (microwave located in store)
    • Nutrition/energy section with granola bars, energy bars, protein bars, and organic/healthy options

School Supplies

    • Scantrons, blue books
    • Pens, pencils, markers, and other writing utensils
    • Folders and envelopes
    • Spirals and binders
    • Notebook paper and copy paper

Apparel and Gifts

  • Rolled T-shirts
  • Assorted school gifts and merchandise

Will there be an ATM at RELLIS?

We are currently working on a plan to house an ATM in the W. C. Schwartz Building; however, the name of the host banking institution has not yet been finalized.

Will printing be services available at the RELLIS Campus?

Bulk printing services for the RELLIS Campus will be coordinated through the Copy Stop location on the Blinn-Bryan Campus.  Faculty and staff needing printing services will place their orders with the Bryan Campus Copy Stop, and a courier will bring materials to the RELLIS Campus.  For smaller faculty printing needs, several dedicated faculty/staff printers are located in key areas throughout the Schwartz Building (e.g. in the full-time and part-time faculty workspaces).  For student printing needs, three student printers are located throughout the building in key student areas, and may be utilized via pay-per-copy means.

Will health clinic services be provided at the RELLIS Campus?
Yes. Similar to the Blinn-Bryan Campus, a Baylor Scott & White health clinic will be available to students in the Walter C. Schwartz Building. Services will be provided through a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. Students and families may visit the Blinn Health Clinic website for a list of services offered.

Will there be a library or library resources available to students at the RELLIS Campus?
Library resources will be made available to students in the Library/Resource Center in the Walter C. Schwartz Building. Students will have computers available for conducting online research. Resources available in the Blinn-Bryan Campus Library are available by request and may be brought to the RELLIS Campus for use and reference.

Will the RELLIS Campus have a bookstore?
Yes. However, the on-site bookstore will serve primarily as a pick-up location for online textbook purchases through the Barnes & Noble Official Campus Bookstore (  Students using excess financial aid through the Bookstore Voucher program may use this to purchase their books online as well. Textbooks purchased through the Barnes & Noble Official Campus Bookstore web site will be shipped to the RELLIS Campus for free.

Will tours of the Walter C. Schwartz Building be available to prospective students prior to the grand opening?
To be determined. To ensure the safety of all visitors, the College must first ensure the building and its essential equipment and furniture are installed and functioning prior to opening it for public tours. Once we determine it is safe for tours and a Certificate of Occupancy has been granted by regulatory agencies, we will provide further information on the Blinn website related to tours of the Walter C. Schwartz Building.


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