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The two-year ADN Program is only offered at the RELLIS Campus in Bryan. The LVN-Transition Program is offered at the Brenham Campus and at the RELLIS Campus in Bryan.

For detailed information on the cost of the program, please visit the traditional ADN Program expenses page or the LVN-Transition Program expenses page.

While a bachelor’s degree may assist in readiness to successfully complete the ADN program, it is not a factor we consider when completing the admissions rankings.

While a career in the healthcare field may assist in your readiness to successfully complete the ADN Program, it is not a factor we consider when completing the admissions rankings.

Transfer students may apply and are evaluated and accepted on an individual basis. For more information on the transfer application process, please contact

In the traditional ADN Program, students attend classes or clinicals three to four days per week. Starting in the second semester, there are some options for weekend clinicals.

In the LVN-Transition option, students will attend class one to two days a week, and for approximately two days of clinicals. There are usually some options for weekend clinicals.

The traditional ADN program is not offered as a strictly online or weekend program. However, we do have some theory courses throughout the program that are scheduled to be blended and/or online. Starting in the second semester of the program, there will be some options for weekend clinicals to help accommodate students schedules.

The LVN-Transition option offers clinical courses on weekends to help accommodate student schedules. Theory courses are offered either in a blended or online format. See Blinn's Course Schedules for details.

The theory and clinicals schedule in addition to studying can be a full-time job, however, we frequently have students that need to work throughout the program for various reasons. Throughout the program, nursing school classes and clinicals can range from three to four days per week which does not include studying or preparation time for class. To assist in success, prior to and during nursing school, we encourage students to evaluate their schedules, both at work and at school, to ensure they are including study time and time for personal health and well-being.

Scholarships are available to nursing students to assist with tuition, textbooks, and other related expenses. As opportunities become available, notices will be sent to accepted nursing students. Please be sure to complete the FAFSA application to be considered for these scholarships. For additional scholarship options, please visit Blinn's Scholarships page.

On-campus housing is available on the Brenham Campus only. For more information, please visit the Housing and Residential Life page.

Students can meet with the Health Sciences advisor to discuss application procedures, and review prerequisite courses, entrance exams, and transfer equivalencies associated with their program of interest. To set up an appointment to speak with the advisor, please email