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Residency Status

Under Texas state law, students are classified either as residents of Texas, non-residents, or international students. Additionally, students are classified as in-district or out-of-district depending on whether they reside at an address that is in the Blinn taxing district. The tuition rate that you are charged is based on your residency classification, which is determined according to the information you submit on the application. You must provide proof to change your classification.

Residency Classifications


A Texas resident who resides, pays taxes, or owns property in Washington County for the past six consecutive months prior to registering for the semester they wish to attend.


A Texas resident for the past 12 consecutive months who does not reside in Washington County.


A student who does not qualify as a resident of Texas, including:

*Students with an eligible to domicile visa could be considered for in-state tuition if proper documentation is provided.

Out-of-State Waiver

A waiver can be placed on an account for 12 consecutive months for a student to establish Texas residency. Qualified students include:

  • Military personnel (veteran, active, or dependent/spouse)
  • Blinn competitive scholarship recipients



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