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Auditing Courses

Prior to and 7 days past the last day to register, any person 18 years of age or older may enroll in a traditional face-to-face course as an auditor, with the consent of the Vice Chancellor for Instruction and/or the appropriate dean to assure space is available, by paying the current semester credit hour tuition and fee rate, plus any required laboratory fees. Auditors may use the library facilities and materials in the library only. The instructor is not obligated to accept any papers, tests or examinations from the auditor. An auditor is free from such course requirements as attendance, written work, and tests. Credit will not be granted for auditing a course. Once a student has registered as an auditor, the student may not change to credit status nor can a credit student change to audit status after the semester has begun. Neither the instructor nor the college assumes responsibility for the academic progress of an auditing student. No refunds of tuition and fees are made to auditing students. Currently enrolled students shall have first priority for auditing space. One hour classes may not be audited.

For more information about auditing courses, contact Enrollment Services at or 979-830-4800.

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