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Syllabus and Vitae Information

In order to be compliant with the HB 2504 statutes, each public college in the State of Texas must provide several pieces of information on a public facing web page. Blinn will be collecting the instructor vitae and each course syllabus from all instructors. The two links below provide the steps for each instructor and dean and assistant dean to follow.

For the instructional areas, the course syllabus and faculty vitae information must be provided.

Summer and Fall edit and creation dates:

Master Course Syllabi edits for fall can start now if the course is not being taught this summer. Otherwise, the edits can be made July 9 through August 6, 2014.

Fall section level syllabi for faculty will be created beginning August 8, 2014.

Beginning in fall 2012, the Concourse Syllabus system will be used to submit, review and publicly display course syllabi and instructor's vitae.

Course Section Syllabus - Instructions (PDF)

*New* Spring 2015- Schedule Templates

Import content from another section - Instructions: Use these instructions to save time for copying common content across your sections.

How to embed a link to Concourse online syllabus in eCampus (PDF) and Video
How to embed a link to Concourse online syllabus in eCampus Desire2Learn (PDF)

Instructor Vitae - Instructions, requirements (PDF)

Concourse Syllabus FAQ

Master Course Syllabus - Instructions (division and assistant chairs) (PDF)

Master Course syllabi can be found by clicking Search then Advanced and selecting Campus = Master Course Syllabus. Shortcut Link

How does Audit work and running an Audit Report - tip use the advanced search to narrow down results to the term and subjects being reviewed (deans, assistant deans and department heads)

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