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Information Management Student

Classroom Response System 'Clickers'

For fall 2014, a group of faculty and administrators has initiated a review of the current classroom reponse systems and will be making a recommendation for standard system for use at the college.


The Instructional Technology Committee has evaluated and selected eInstruction CPS as the preferred classroom response system for use at Blinn College.

For fall 2006, the CPSrf (radio frequency) system is being installed across the campus to replace the IR (infra-red) system that has been used in some classrooms. The new 'clickers' offer better range, response and do not require line of site to operate.

Training is being offered to divisions by the Instructional Design staff.

Students can purchase the response pads at the bookstore. The enrollment codes can be purchased either online at eInstruction or at the bookstore. Because Blinn College has signed up as a standardized college the student receives a discounted enrollment cost of $13 per semester and a $39 cap when purchasing directly from eInstruction.


- Guides to using CPS 5.0 including new attendance screen location

-Faculty Signup for 'Clicker' enabling your course: receive test kit for practice and backup


-CPS 4.01 Software Installation for Faculty

CPSrf response pad