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Classroom Response System: i>clicker

An ad-hoc committee of faculty has evaluated and selected i>clicker during spring 2015 as the preferred classroom response system for use at Blinn College.

The new system offers several advantages: 1. Ease of use, 2. Roster and Grade integration with eCampus, 3. Flexibility to use both physical response devices and mobile/personal devices, 4. Texas A&M University is also standardized on i>clicker which allows our common students to use one device at both campuses.

Students can purchase the response pads at the bookstore. The enrollment codes can be purchased either online at i>clicker or at the bookstore. The physical i>clicker2 runs about $55 including a year of REEF. REEF, the mobile version, runs $9.99 per semester $15.99 per year $21.99 for 2 years $31.99 for 4 years directly from i>clicker.

Faculty Signup for 'Clicker' enabling your course: receive test kit which includes a receiver, software and test clicker

Getting Started:

1. Request a startup kit

2. Download Software and Copy configuration files into your Software folder

3. Integrate with eCampus

a. Add i>clicker Registration Module in eCampus: Select Course - Edit - New Module - Add Existing Activities- External Learning Tools -Register i>clicker

4. Inform the Bookstore to order i>clicker2 ISBN: 1498601634 unless you have another textbook bundle with i>clicker

5. Students register their i>clicker through the eCampus link

6. Setup your course in i>clicker software so it connects to eCampus

7. Training Resources

a. Quick and Easy Start Guide

b. User Guide

c. How-to Videos

d. Colleague Resources- Tips for Successful Clicker Use; Clicker Resource Guide

e. Support- Email: Phone: 866-209-5698 (AVAILABLE M-F 9AM-9PM EST)