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General Information for Current Students

Change of Name or Address

A student who changes his/her name, or home or local address is asked to notify the Office of Admissions and Records and the Library of this change immediately. Students are responsible for notifying these offices of such changes. Any communication mailed by the College to the student at the name and address in their records is considered delivered if notification is not received of any changes.

To change your local address log in to your myBLINN account and go to the ‘My Records’ tab. Permanent address changes must be made in person at Enrollment Services on the Brenham Campus and at the Office of Admissions and Records on the Bryan and Schulenburg campuses.

Adding and Dropping Courses

Adding Courses: No courses may be added later than the date specified in the college district calendar for that particular semester. A student adding a course must make up the work missed within two weeks after a course is added.

Students dropping a class after the deadline shall receive a grade of “W” or “Q.” To determine the drop deadline for a particular course, please refer to the Blinn College Catalog.

Dropping Courses: A student shall receive a grade of “W” or “Q” if they drop a class after the:

  • first two weeks of a regular semester;
  • fourth class day of a summer session;
  • ninth class day of a 10-week summer session;
  • second class day of a minimester;
  • sixth class day of an 8-week session; or
  • ninth class day of a 12-week session.

A student may drop a course with a grade of “W” or “Q” until the:

  • Last class day of the 14th class week of a 16-week regular semester;
  • Last class day of the 3rd class week of a 5-week summer session;
  • Last class day of the 8th class week of a 10-week summer session;
  • Last class day of the 2nd class week of a minimester;
  • Last class day of the 6th week of an 8-week session; or
  • Last class day of the 10th week of a 12-week session.

Students will be unable to drop or withdraw from a course(s) after the stated deadlines. If a student drops after the stated deadline, an earned grade of “F” shall be awarded. Blinn Board Policy ECC (Local)

The only exception for the grade of “Q” is in the case of the minimester. The “Q” designation does not pertain to the minimesters. Since a student may only enroll in one class, a drop in the minimester is a complete withdrawal and the grade status becomes a “W”.

Classification of Students

A student who has earned fewer than 30 semester hours of college credit is classified as a freshman. A student who has earned 30 or more hours is classified as a sophomore. A student enrolled for at least 12 semester hours in a regular term or at least 4 semester hours in a summer term is considered full-time.

Academic Transcript

An official transcript of college credits is a record of the student's academic record bearing the college seal and the signature of the Registrar. Blinn College provides transcripts to students free of charge. A student may obtain copies of his/her transcript by written request to the Office of Admissions and Records or by requesting the transcript through myBLINN. The written request must include full legal name or name attended under, dates of attendance, student ID/social security number, current telephone number, and a legible signature. All admission information must be on file and all holds cleared before an official transcript will be released. Transcript Request Information

Grades and Incompletes

College District progress is normally determined by a grade point average or ratio. Grade points shall be calculated by assigning values to each grade. The value is illustrated in the chart below:

Grade Grade Points per Semester Hour
A 4
B 3
C 2
D 1
F 0
I, Q, W, CR 0
P, NP, FS 0

The highest grade of a repeated course shall be used in determining the cumulative grade point average. A grade of “W” or “Q” shall not replace a grade of “F” or higher in a repeated course, but a grade of “F” shall replace a grade of “W” or “Q”.

All grades earned while enrolled in the College District shall be used in computing a student’s College District grade point average (GPA), except grades of I, W, Q, NP, P, FS, and CR.

The computation of a student’s College District Graduation GPA shall include transfer coursework but shall not include developmental coursework. [See "Degrees and Awards" for detailed information about specific degree requirements.]

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Blinn College is on a four-point grading system. For each semester hour, a grade of A has 4 grade points; B, 3 grade points; C, 2 grade points; D, 1 grade point. The maximum grade point score is 4.00 representing an A average. The grade point average is arrived at by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the number of hours attempted. All grades except I, WP, W, P, and NP are used in the GPA computation.

Academic Good Standing

In order to achieve and remain in academic good standing at Blinn College, a student must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 (C). A 2.0 cumulative grade point average is the minimum required for graduation.

Scholastic Probation or Suspension

A student who falls below a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) at the close of any long semester or summer school will be placed on scholastic probation. Summer school (two sessions) is considered to be a unit equivalent to a semester. A student who fails to achieve a minimum 2.0 semester and cumulative GPA at the end of subsequent semesters will be placed on scholastic suspension. A student with a semester GPA of greater than 2.0 and a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 will remain on scholastic probation. Students being placed on scholastic probation at the end of the long semester or summer school will receive an email at their Blinn College Buc account. Students being placed on scholastic suspension at the end of the long semester or summer school will be mailed a letter at their permanent address.

Students transferring from another college with less than a 2.0 GPA, if admitted, are admitted on scholastic probation. These students must meet the same requirements in subsequent semesters as all other students on scholastic probation (see above).

A student placed on scholastic probation becomes ineligible to be a candidate for an elective or appointive office of a college-sponsored activity or social organization. This restriction does not apply if participation in the activity or organization is part of the requirements of a college course. The student may be required to forfeit college scholarships, be ineligible to represent the College, and may be subject to a loss of veteran’s benefits and other financial aid. A student on scholastic probation is required to be advised prior to registration. A student that registers prior to the conclusion of the semester they are placed on probation must be re-advised in order to keep their courses. A student placed on scholastic suspension will not be allowed to attend Blinn College for one long (fall, spring) semester. At the conclusion of this suspended semester, the student can reenter the College and will be placed on scholastic probation.

For those students who have been scholastically suspended but have extenuating circumstances preventing them from achieving the minimum 2.0 GPA, an appeal for reinstatement may be made. This appeal must be made in writing to the scholastic appeals committee. Information on the appeal procedure and deadline is included in the letter sent to suspended students. The decision of the scholastic appeals committee is final. No appeal for reinstatement may be made after the appeal deadline. If required, a student must make a separate appeal for reinstatement of financial aid funds.

Disciplinary Probation

Blinn College maintains rules and regulations and reserves the right to dismiss or to place on disciplinary probation a student who violates or commits an infraction of the rules. The College reserves the right to remove the probation. A student who is placed on disciplinary probation forfeits the privilege of holding elective offices and honors. Any student placed on disciplinary probation or dismissed by the Disciplinary Committee will be afforded due process as provided by Blinn College Board policy. Additional information concerning disciplinary rules and regulations is included in the Blinn College Student Handbook.

Withdrawal From College

A student who desires to withdraw from the College District on or after the first day of class for a semester can do so by dropping all their classes through myBLINN. The effective date of withdrawal shall be the date when all classes have been dropped. Withdrawal of all classes for a single semester will result in a final grade of “W” that does not count toward a student’s 6 drops.