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Brenham Campus Writing Center

The Brenham Campus Writing Center, located in the Academic Building, serves as an open computer lab where all Blinn students can work on writing assignments and receive additional instruction or clarification when needed. The Writing Center is available for reservation by instructors when they may need to demonstrate a technique for their students or work through computer-based exercises.

The Writing Center also serves as the computer lab for developmental reading and writing students (Room 14). These students are required to put in two hours of lab time per week, and the Writing Center provides them a place to do so in a quiet atmosphere that offers computers, software, and resources specifically designed for their needs. It also tracks students' time by logging them in and out so that instructors can measure time spent in the lab.

The Writing Center offers extended open hours so that lab hours can be readily adapted to most students' schedules.

Additionally, one-on-one tutoring is currently offered in the Writing Center (Room 9) during certain hours. Students seeking tutoring assistance should check out the tutoring schedule. The Writing Center seeks to improve students’ knowledge and command of the writing process by providing friendly, student-centered, one-on-one access to experienced tutors.

Location: Academic Building - Room 9 (Tutoring) and Room 14 (Writing Room)
Phone: 979-830-4699

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