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Communication Studies

The Blinn College Communication Studies Program offers a comprehensive program focused on modern, relevant communication practices taught by an engaged and contemporary faculty.  

Communication Studies
SPCH 1311  Intro to Speech
SPCH 1315  Public Speaking
SPCH 1318  Interpersonal Communication
SPCH 1321  Business and Professional Speaking
SPCH 1342  Voice and Diction
SPCH 2316  Interviewing
SPCH 2333  Discussion and Small Group Communication
SPCH 2335  Argumentation and Debate
SPCH 2341  Oral Interpretation

SPCH 1311  Intro to Speech
Speech 1311 is an introduction to the field of communication. This course includes a study of basic communication principles as well as practical applications.  Prerequisite: None.  Credit: Three semester hours.

SPCH 1315. Public Speaking
Focuses on the invention, design and performance of informative and persuasive discourse for the public arena including principles of argumentation. Credit: 3 semester hours

SPCH 1318. Interpersonal Communication
Emphasizes various styles and skills necessary for relational communication. Study of the dynamics involved in the establishment and maintenance of personal, social, and professional relationships, including the influences of culture and technology. Credit: 3 semester hours

SPCH 1321. Business and Professional Speaking
Designed to aid the prospective business or professional person in preparing various types of speaking assignments such as might be encountered in a career. Credit: 3 semester hours

SPCH 1342. Voice and Diction
A study of speech mechanism with emphasis placed upon improvement of voice and diction; introduction to phonetics and study of proper production of individual sounds are obtained through student performances and instructor critiques. Taking SPCH 2341 before or concurrently with this course would be recommended. Three class hours per week. Credit: Three semester hours.

SPCH 2316. Interviewing
This course is designed to offer the students the tools to understand the processes involved in an interview setting and how to better prepare for the roles of interviewer, interviewee, or facilitator. Furthermore, understanding and applying the principles of interviewing will provide the students with skills and techniques that will positively impact their carriers. Three class hours per week. Credit: Three semester hours.

SPCH 2333  Discussion and Small Group Communication
Discussion and small group theories and techniques as they relate to group process and interaction. (ACGM) The purpose of SPCH 2333 is to teach student to use communication to function more effectively in groups, both as a group member and as a group leader.  Special attention is given to developing the ability to facilitate quality decision-making and fostering productive relationships with other group members. Three class hours per week. Credit: Three semester hours.

SPCH 2335. Argumentation and Debate
This course is designed to provide the student with effective techniques and strategies of argumentation and debate. It also aims to engage the student in discussions and debates of contemporary issues of socio-political and cultural significance, the building blocks of a democratic society. Three class hours per week. Credit: Three semester hours.

SPCH 2341. Oral Interpretation
Live presentations emphasizing creativity and performance. Activities include individual, duet, and group exercises such as storytelling, reader’s theatre, choral reading, poetry and improvisations. Credit: 3 semester hours