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Step 1: Submit to the Brenham Program office, Arts & Sciences Building, Room 207, the required documents of the completed online information session on or before February 14th by 12 midnight.

a. Email confirmation or printed certificate confirming a passing score of 75% or higher of the Online Information Session

      You may take the online information sessions as many as times as needed.

b. Complete eligibility questionnaire of the Texas Board of Nursing Declaratory Order (BON) sent by the Administrative Assistant once your Online Information Session score is received.

(this document is sent as an email attachment by the Administrative Assistant)

c. Upon submission of the eligibility questionnaire, you will receive from the administrative assistant, an application to the Brenham LVN program and the ATI TEAS permission slip along with Testing Dates and Times.


Step 2:   To Test Twice, Make ATI TEAS Test reservations on or before January 26 by 12 noon. To Test Once, Make reservation on or before February 16 by 12 noon.

  1. Current Photo ID
  2. Test Receipt (received from Enrollment Services) and Test Ticket (received from Program Administrative Assistant)
  3. $58 Payment Card (all major credit cards, debit card, or cash card.) Tax is not included; therefore, you may want to add $5.
  4. ATI Username and Password

Please visit for more information on what to bring on test day


Step 3:   Take TEAS test. Testing time frame is September 1, 2017 to March 30, 2018.


Step 4:   Submit following required documents to office, Arts & Sciences Building, Room 207 beginning March 19, 2018 and by 12 noon on April 6, 2018.


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