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Blinn College Simulation/Clinical Labs
8447 Riverside Pkwy (State Highway 47), Suite 2500
Bryan, Texas 77807

External Fees for Simulation Center

Blinn College Simulation and Clinical Lab Fee Schedule
Please add the total number of units.
Room External User Rate Unit of Service Description
Low Fidelity $100 Per Unit /Per Day Simulation Bed
  $150 Nights/Weekends Per Unit/Per Day Simulation Bed
Hi Fidelity $200 Per Unit /Per Day Simulation Bed
  $250 Nights/Weekends Per Unit/Per Day Simulation Bed
OR Space $200 Per Unit /Per Day OR Beds space
  $250 Nights/Weekends Per Unit/Per Day OR Bed space
Classrooms $200 Per Room /Per Day Classroom seating 16-40
  $250 Nights/Weekends Per Room/Per Day Classroom seating 16-40
IVC Rooms $350 Per Room /Per Day Classroom seating 40-50
  $400 Nights/Weekends  Per Room/Per Day Classroom seating 40-50
Videoing $50   Per scenario station
Set Up Fee $250 One time fee Training for new users
Standardized Patients  $40 Per hour Per Person/ Per Hour
Supplies     Cost plus 10%
NOTE: * A unit is defined as a single bed, crib, infant warmer, the Clinic space, home setting.
*A classroom is defined as any room on the third floor
* IVC is the classroom on the fourth floor
*If 3G or Essential is requested in the Home Setting room, it is to billed at the Hi Fidelity rate.
* Supplies will be billed after the use to that the exact total can be determined. 


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