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Non-Traditional Student Resources

Advice and Guidance for Older Students

Skill Development Workshops - Bryan Campus

A series of 6 workshops will be offered to help students build skills in a number of personal and academic areas. These one-hour workshops are scheduled on varying dates and at varying times, in order to accommodate students' work and school schedules.

Financial Aid

Several sources of aid area available through Blinn College 's Financial Aid and Perkins Grant offices. Many of these awards are in the forms of grants, which means that if you maintain satisfactory academic progress you will not have to pay the money back. If you have received aid in the past and are no longer eligible, you can appeal the decision and perhaps have your financial aid reinstated.

Bryan Campus

Brenham Campus

Career Planning

Brenham & Bryan Campuses

DISCOVER Career Software and Career Counseling through the Center for Student Development/Counseling

Special Events

Blinn College Spring 2013 Orientation Programs.



Five Notes For The Older Student

  • Do spend at least one month gathering information on program types, admissions requirements, financial aid programs, academic support services and testing requirements BEFORE you make any decisions about returning to school.
  • Do apply for financial aid. Oftentimes you are awarded monies that you don't have to pay back.
  • Do take advantage of free tutoring, workshops and services available on campus. You pay fees for these services so you may as well benefit from them.
  • Do take developmental classes first if you are deficient in reading, writing, and/or math according to your THEA score. Taking classes before you are academically ready for them sets you up for a poor or failing grade or perhaps withdrawal. That wastes both your time and your money.
  • Do believe in your ability to succeed as a college student and ultimately as a college graduate. We look forward to seeing you on campus!