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Carl D. Perkins Grant Office

What is the Perkins Grant?

The Carl D. Perkins Basic Grant Program at Blinn College is a federally-funded program that provides community colleges with resources to develop and maintain programs that serve faculty, staff and students in technical and vocational education departments. The grant contains benchmarks that measure the effectiveness of all programs; however, the specificity at each college can vary widely. At Blinn College, Perkins Basic Grant funds are used to fund positions and materials which seek to accomplish the following objectives:

    1. To build and sustain high-quality Applied Sciences program offerings

    2. To facilitate partnerships with community and business organizations to further the economic development of our service region

    3. To offer interactive and engaging recruitment presentations and activities for prospective students in the college's 13-county service area

    4. To maintain an active remediation program to retain students in Applied Sciences courses and programs

    5. To improve licensure pass rates in all applicable Applied Sciences programs

    6. To assist Applied Sciences students with job placement

    7. To supply financial assistance to students who demonstrate need

Financial Assistance

Perkins Grant Assistance is available on a first-come, first-serve basis to students enrolled in Applied Sciences programs who fall into a Special Populations category. Assistance is available to help defray the cost of textbooks and transportation. To find out more about financial assistance click here.

Academic Tutoring

Academic tutors are available to assist students taking Applied Sciences courses. The tutors are available at no charge. Tutors are available to assist with required courses in such programs as Business Management, Accounting, Pre-Health Sciences, Criminal Justice, and Information Technology. To see when tutors are available this semester and what subjects they cover, click here.

Skill Development

Help Is on the Way!

Not all students arrive on campus with the academic and study skills that they need to be successful in their college courses. Each semester a series of 10-12 workshops will be offered to help students build skills in a number of personal and academic areas. These one-hour workshops are scheduled on varying dates and at varying times, in order to accommodate students’ work and school schedules. To see a list of workshops for this semester click here.

Career Preparation Presentations

Blinn College realizes not all prospective students initially have the information and understanding they need to make decisions about enrolling in college. To assist these prospective students with career and educational choices, the college provides informational presentations to the community.

College staff work with public schools, prisons, community organizations, and other groups to prepare prospective students to make informed choices about their educational futures, including assistance in such areas as financial aid, academic deficiencies, and learning disabilities.

Presentations are available throughout the year. To request a presentation, please click here.

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is a one semester program for students in the Health Sciences Programs at Blinn College that is designed to promote students’ personal and professional growth.  Students meet with their mentor for one-hour sessions for at least five out of the six scheduled times each semester.  You have an opportunity to see your chosen profession from a broad view point, have questions answered and receive encouragement when the demands of study and work increase in difficulty.

Any student currently enrolled in any of the Health Sciences Programs at Blinn College may participate.  However, due to scheduling conflicts it is often the first-semester students who participate most often.  Announcements will be made in the Health Sciences Program classes during the first week of the semester with more information on the dates and times.

For Mentors

Any health care professional who is currently employed and certified/licensed to practice in Texas is encouraged to apply for a mentor position.  The Mentorship Program is an opportunity for health care professionals to nurture the personal and professional development of the next generation of members of the health care team.  Our former mentors note that they have enjoyed the contact with current students.

Serving as a mentor will take around eight hours per semester.  Mentors will attend one orientation program, six student sessions and one evaluation session.  Furthermore, they may add additional hours by attending recruitment events with the Blinn College recruitment team members, if desired.  An hourly wage is paid for the mentoring sessions and any additional recruiting activities.  Interested individuals should check the employment opportunities on the Blinn College website and complete an application to be a mentor.

Carl Perkins Grant Office
Applied Sciences
Blinn College - Bryan Campus
Health Building H-111
(979) 209-7637

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Applied Sciences Facilitators

Ms. Kynsie Benefield
Health Sciences Programs Facilitator

Ms. Shannon Williford
Business and Public Service Programs Facilitator

Facilitators are available on the Bryan campus to assist students with academic, personal, educational funding, and career decision-making concerns.  The facilitators also follow up with students who withdraw from coursework and/or who are on academic probation.  The information collected is used to develop new programs that provide students with the information they need to be successful.  Visits are made each semester to Applied Sciences classes to inform students of the services available to them through various on-campus programs.  Students can drop in to speak with the facilitator or they can make an appointment.

The facilitators are also responsible for working with businesses and organizations in the Brazos Valley community to locate internship and employment placement opportunities for current students, and to evaluate how our programs prepare our graduates for their chosen careers within our service area.

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Workforce Education

Non-credit classes are designed, both in subject and format, to fulfill the specific training needs for individuals, businesses and industry. These courses vary in length and are offered throughout the year; days and evenings, on weekdays and weekends. Certificates of Completion and Continuing Education Units (CEU) are awarded to those students who satisfactorily complete the course. Tuition and fees vary for each course and are publicized in the course schedules.

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Academic Education

Associate of Arts, Associate of Science Degrees

These degrees are intended to provide freshman and sophomore level courses that enable students to enter as juniors at a four-year institution. While the liberal arts courses offered will satisfy the requirements of most senior colleges, it is the student’s responsibility to identify as early as possible the institution to which he/she will transfer and to determine the specific requirements of that institution.

For both the AA and the AS degrees, any area of concentration offered at Blinn may be selected. However, traditional areas of concentration for the AA degree are: Communications, Criminal Justice, English, Foreign Languages and Speech/Theater Arts. Traditional areas of concentration for AS degrees are: Agriculture, Biology, Business/Accounting, Chemistry, Computer Science, Health/Kinesiology and Mathematics.

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Dual Credit

The Dual Credit Program enables high school juniors and seniors to earn credit toward a college degree by enrolling in a college course and to simultaneously satisfy the requirements for high school graduation.  Qualified students may attend Blinn College beginning in the summer following their sophomore year with a limit of two (2) college credit courses each semester. *Blinn offers two types of dual credit, Academic and Technical.

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Prospective Student Relations

Mission Statement:

To educate prospective students about Blinn College, emphasizing the qualities that distinguish it as one of the best higher education choices in the state.  To accomplish this, we must strive to provide prospective students, parents, high schools, and communities with the most accurate information regarding Blinn College programs, admissions procedures, and the enrollment process.   We will engage new students by working collaboratively with our college and local communities to execute a variety of recruiting strategies that promote a positive image of Blinn College.

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Student Services

Blinn College Student Services helps students achieve both their personal and academic goals. Students are the priority, and our success is measured by their success. Student Services is committed to making sure students get the most out of their time at Blinn. 

Each student is encouraged to become engaged in the campus community. Join a club, attend a social event, plan a service project, come cheer on the Bucs, and while you are at it why not take on a leadership role. Have fun. Stay focused on academics. Succeed!

Please use the links listed below to find information from the various departments within Student Services.

Academic Advising and Counseling Services
Business Services
Disability Services
Enrollment Services
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Veteran Services
Student Leadership and Activities
Testing and Assessment
Transfer Information

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Campus Resources

Bryan Campus

Mathematics Tutoring
Blinn College offers its mathematics students free tutoring through the Mathematics Division in room L248. The tutoring is staffed by faculty from the division. More information on location and availability can be found on the mathematics webpage at

Writing Center
The Writing Center provides one-on-one tutoring for students in all courses at Blinn College. The Writing Center is nationally accredited with the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), and all of our tutors are professional tutors. The Writing Center provides a relaxed environment in which students can feel comfortable asking questions and working on their writing. During a tutoring session students choose what aspects of their assignments they would like to work on, and tutors help students identify their writing concerns and address them. While the Writing Center is not an editing service, we will work with writers during any stage of the writing process: understanding an assignment, choosing a topic, brainstorming, planning, revising, editing, and documenting sources.

The mission of the Writing Center is to help students become better writers. The Writing Center believes that writing is an ongoing process and that all students have the potential to communicate effectively through writing. The tutors strive to help students learn, not just make a better grade on an assignment.

More information about the center is found at

Strategies for College Success (STDY 0311)
Strategies for College Success is designed for development and improvement of study systems.  Emphasis is placed on college-level study skills, the improvement of time management, effective listening and note-taking, marking texts, learning through media, concentration, retention of information, and skills needed for taking examinations.  Not counted toward a degree or certificate. STDY 0311 is intended for students who did not pass one or more TSI placement exams. Students whose TSI scores make them “college ready” in English and Reading should take EDUC 1300 if they want to learn more about effective learning strategies and learning theories. Three class hours per week.  Credit: Three semester hours.

Learning Center
The Bryan Learning Center is an academic support facility that supplements all divisions on campus.  The center provides one-on-one services and resources to aid students’ academic success at the college level.  Tutoring is available in academic subjects, such as: mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics and foreign language.  More information about the Learning Center, located on the second floor of the Library Building, is available at

First Year Seminar (BLIN 0101)
This course is designed to provide first-year college students with an introduction to Blinn College and successful strategies for transition to college life.  Through this course, students will learn about Blinn College values and expectations of students, policies and procedures, resources and support services, and the benefits of higher education in preparing students for the workforce.  Emphasis will be placed on developing positive attitudes toward the learning process, acquiring skills necessary for college success, and making appropriate personal, academic, and professional choices.  No prerequisites required.  One class hour per week.  Credit: One semester hour.

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