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Accident Instructions & Procedures

1. Following any motor vehicle accident, the first priority is always the physical well-being of the individuals involved; therefore, seek appropriate medical attention prior to any other actions.

2. Do not admit fault and/or liability.

At the Scene of the Accident:

1. Notify appropriate police authority immediately (local police or Texas Department of Public Safety [DPS])

2. Secure from other parties involved:

a. Name, address, telephone number;

b. Make, model, year, license plate number of the other vehicle (s);and

c. Name and addresses of witnesses.

d. Insurance company information

3. Provide the other parties involved:

a. Your name, office address,, and office telephone number; and

b. The make, model, year, and license plate number of your vehicle .

c. Insurance company information

4. Should the college vehicle need towing, contact one of the emergency contacts or the following wrecker services:

a. Appel Ford-Mercury  979-836-3663

b. Appel Dodge 979-836-4425

c. LaRoche Cheverolet 979-830-3693

Try the car dealership first, then use the next wrecker service available.  Also check inside the vehicle’s owner’s manual for roadside assistance numbers and information.  

Follow-up Reports:

1. Report the accident to your immediate supervisor.

2. Notify, via telephone, the Office of Transportation and then send them a completed Motor Vehicle  Accident Report. (Located in the glove compartment of the vehicle.) Regardless of the extent of the damages, this form must be completed and forwarded within 24 hours of the accident, if possible.

a. If an employee is injured and cannot complete the Motor Vehicle Accident Report, the supervisor should complete and forward it.

b. The police officer at the scene of the accident will assist in providing the necessary information to complete the Motor Vehicle Accident Report (located in the glove compartment of the vehicle or obtained from the Office of Transportation, 979-830-4070.)

3. A Texas DPS Report Form ST_2, Drivers Confidential Accident Report (blue colored form), which should by provided to you by the police officer at the scene of the accident, must be completed and filed within 10 days following any accident resulting in injury, death, or property damage.

Forward a copy of the completed form to the Office of Transportation clearly noting that the original was sent to the DPS.

4. The occurrence involving a motor vehicle accident on a public road, mandates each employee submit to blood and urine testing for alcohol and control substances.  Testing must be administered within 2 hours following the accident.  (Refer to Administrative Policy, Vehicle Usage for more details).

Need Additional Assistance?

If further assistance or information is needed, contact the Office of Transportation at 979-830-4070.

In Case of an Emergency, contact one of the following:

Mon- Friday 7:30am - 4:30pm - 979-830-4070
Ross Schroeder - 979-830-4118 or 979-277-8057
Janice Kramerl 979-530-8253