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Therapeutics Manufacturing Program

Course Descriptions

BITC 1302: Biotechnology Laboratory Methods and Techniques
This course covers laboratory operations, management, equipment, instrumentation, quality control techniques and safety procedures. Students study procedures for solution and reagent preparation, perform separation techniques, and are exposed to a variety of laboratory instruments including pH meters, spectrophotometers and chromatography equipment. Also reviewed are methods for safe storage and preservation of materials and safe operating techniques. 2 lec/2 lab

BITC 1371: Introduction to Therapeutics Manufacturing
This course provides an overview of the fundamental elements associated with the manufacturing of biologics, drugs, and medical devices.  Students receive instruction on a variety of topics, including product specific regulations and regulating agencies, types of manufacturing facilities and manufacturing processes, facilities and systems qualification, process validation strategies, quality unit functions and supply chain management.  Includes an exploration of career paths in the pharmaceutical and device industries, as well as laboratory and hands-on activities.  3 lec/0 lab

BITC 1411: Introduction to Biotechnology
This laboratory-based course provides an introduction to biotechnology concepts, including the history and applications of DNA/RNA technology, molecular biology, bioethics and laboratory safety procedures.  Students are introduced to laboratory skills such as pipetting, measuring and calibrating techniques, solution preparation and biomolecule analysis. 3 lec/3 lab

BITC 2411: Biotechnology Laboratory Instrumentation
This course covers theory, application and operation of various biotechnology-related analytical instruments and addresses separation and identification techniques including electrophoresis, spectrophotometry and chromatography. Students learn how to handle various laboratory chemicals, sample and store biological materials, and operate and calibrate analytical instruments while incorporating proper laboratory safety and management. 3 lec/3 lab

BITC 2431: Cell Culture Techniques
This course discusses the theory and application of cell culture techniques consistent with operations in a FDA regulated therapeutics manufacturing environment.  Laboratory emphasis on the principles and practices of initiation, cultivation, maintenance, and preservation of cell lines are covered consistent with regulatory requirements, industry expectation, and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). 3 lec/3 lab

BITC 2471: cGMP Procedures and Documentation
This course introduces the student to the theory and application of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) procedures and documentation. The course covers a brief history of events that prompted the drafting and implementation of cGMP regulations and documentation required for a firm to comply with these regulations, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), deviation reports, Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA), production and process controls, laboratory controls, and calibration programs. 4 lec/0 lab