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The Blinn College Math Placement Exam (MPE)

The Blinn College Math Placement Exam may be required for students intending to enroll in Precalculus or Calculus I.  Please check the Mathematics Prerequisite Summary Chart to determine your prerequisite status.

What is the Math Placement Exam?

The Blinn College Math Placement Exam is used to measure a student’s preparedness to be successful in Calculus I (MATH 2413) or Precalculus (MATH 2412).  There are two parts that make up the complete MPE, the Algebra Placement Exam and the Trigonometry Placement Exam.

Who Should Take the Blinn College Math Placement Exam (MPE)?

  • Any student that has a major that requires Calculus I (Math 2413) and is not eligible to enroll based on prerequisite courses or the appropriate ACT score must take the MPE to be placed into Calculus I or Precalculus.  Majors that require Calculus I are referred to as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) majors and these students are required to take both exams.
  • Non-STEM majors, those that do not require Math 2413, are not required to take the placement exams.  However, such students may choose to take the Algebra Placement Exam in an attempt to satisfy a prerequisite.
  • All Texas A&M University TEAM and TEAB-Bryan students are exempt from the Blinn College Placement Exam; however, these students are required to take Texas A&M University’s Placement Exam. TEAB-Brenham students are not exempt and are required to take the Blinn College Placement Exam, however, these students are not required t take Texas A&M University's Placement Exam.  

When is the Blinn College Math Placement Exam Available and Second Attempts?

  • The Spring Placement Exams (for students enrolling in a spring semester) open October 1st of each year and close the Monday before the start of the spring semester.  (This is considered the Spring MPE Term.)
  • The Summer and Fall Placement Exams (for students enrolling in a summer or fall semester) open March 1st of each year and close the Monday before the start of the fall semester.  (This is considered the Summer and Fall MPE Term.)
  • Remember there are two placement exams: Algebra Placement Exam and Trigonometry Placement Exam.  Students are given two attempts at each exam.  All attempts at the Algebra Placement Exam must be completed during the same MPE term.  All attempts at the Trigonometry Placement Exam must be completed during the same MPE term.

What Do My Blinn College Placement Exam Scores Mean?

  • Once you have taken the placement exams, you will have two scores: one for the Algebra Placement Exam and one for the Trigonometry Placement Exam.  The lower of the two scores determines the course into which you place.  For example, if a student makes a 17 on the Algebra Placement Exam and a 12 on the Trigonometry Placement Exam, then the student is eligible to take Math 2412.  (See Table)

Lowest Scores Course Placement
0-9 Math 1414
10-14 Math 2412
15-20 Math 2413

  • After you take the MPE it can take up to 72 hours (3 days) for scores to update in the Blinn College system.

How Do I Take the Blinn College Placement Exam (MPE)?

  • Eligibility: To be eligible to take the test, you must meet two criteria. Your Blinn College registration account must be listed as “file complete”, meaning you have submitted all necessary paperwork and are cleared to register. Second, your TSI status must indicate you have taken and passed a TSI test or be listed as exempt with the exemption scores in our system. Once that criteria is met, your account will be made. Accounts are made each day.
  • Students with Disabilities: For students with a physical or learning disability, please check with the Office of Disability Services regarding testing accommodations should the need arise. That office will provide further details.
  • Equipment Needed: The MPE is administered online; therefore, you must have an appropriate computer with reliable high-speed internet access.
  • Taking the MPE: To take the MPE all you need to do is click the “Take the Math Placement Exam” link below.  After you click the link you will be redirected to the placement exam website where you can log in and start the test. Your login information is as follows:
    • Username: Your username is FirstName.LastNameXY, where XY are the last two digits of your Blinn College ID.
    • Password: Your password is your birthday written in the format MMDDYY.  Notice the 2-digit year (not 4-digit).  Also, a leading “0” is required for certain dates.  For example, March 6, 1995, would be 030695.
  • After Logging into MPE: Once you log in, you will be given additional instructions, including information on running a browser check and how to enter answers.
  • Ready, Set, Go: Click the link to begin-  Take the Math Placement Exam
  • Remember: It will take 72 hours for your scores to be posted to the Blinn College system and enrollment will not be available until after that time.

What Can I Do if I’m Unhappy With My MPE Scores?

  • Retaking the MPE: If you are unhappy with your MPE scores you may retest.  But remember you have 2 attempts and only two attempts at the MPE!  The second attempt at the MPE must be completed during the same MPE term as the original attempt.
  • How Can I Improve My Scores:  The reason you are allowed two attempts at the MPE is that we hope you will take an opportunity between exams to study.  Research has shown that students who brush up on weaker skill areas between attempts often improve their scores and place into higher courses as a result. As an example, if you have worked with logarithms (part of the algebra exam) previously but did not do well on that subject area because you are rusty, putting in a little time and practice on that subject would be beneficial. Fortunately, the MPE has a tool built in to help you between your first and second attempt. It is called the “Study Plan.”

After your first attempt, the testing environment will assess what types of problems you missed and it will create a customized Study Plan tailored for those areas. This Study Plan will consist of examples and problems you can work, with interactive solutions and in some cases video clips offering explanations.

It is strongly suggested that you work through the Study Plan to remediate before taking your second test attempt. This will be your only opportunity to work on your weak areas before course placement is decided! Remember, only two attempts.

Honesty is the Best (Only) Policy!

  • Success:  Success is being placed into the math course for which you are properly prepared.  Cutting corners and academic dishonesty only sets students up to fail and waste time and money.  We at Blinn College expect complete honesty and assume that each student is taking the test without outside help.  Start your college career right and make decisions of integrity.

What if I Have Questions?

  • If you have questions or problems regarding the MPE, please click here to complete our web form and someone in our Mathematics Department will be in touch with you.