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ATI TEAS for Health Sciences

ATI TEAS Version 7 will be releasing on June 3, 2022. Applications submitted for Health Science Programs during the Fall application cycle (Spring 2023 start) may be either version of the ATI TEAS (TEAS 6 or TEAS 7). All application cycles thereafter will only accept ATI TEAS Version 7.

ATI TEAS is required for admission into these programs:

How To Create an Account

This process must be done two days before test day.

  1. Go to
  2. To the right of the “Search” button, click "Create an Account."
  3. Enter all the requested information while creating your account and click “Register” to complete your registration and finalize your username and password.


The Blinn College Testing Center proctors the ATI-TEAS exam at the Central Administrative Services Building , located at 3125 S. Texas Avenue in Bryan weekly.

To sign up to test, follow the steps below.

REMINDER: You MUST create an ATI-TEAS account before you schedule your test.

STEP 1: Please visit our scheduling page.

STEP 2: Once you schedule an appointment, you will receive a notification email that includes the link to pay the $15 Blinn College proctoring fee.

STEP 3: Arrive on your test day with a VALID PHOTO ID, your ATI-TEAS username & password, and a CREDIT/DEBIT CARD to pay the $65 testing fee to ATI-TEAS online at the start of your exam.

Are you unable to test in-person? ATI TEAS

Online Testing

The ATI-TEAS exam can be taken remotely through the test company, ATI. To utilize this option, go to and select “Online.” Choose either “ATI Remote Proctor – Nursing” if you’re applying for a nursing program and “ATI Remote Proctor – Allied Health” for all others, then “search” for an appointment time that works for you.

The fee for testing directly with ATI is $115 (this cost includes sending the TEAS transcript to Blinn College). Additional score transcripts can be purchased if you need them.

Study Guide Information

ATI TEAS Study Manual and the ATI TEAS Online Practice Assessment A & B are currently available at