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Admission Process

For The Texas A&M Engineering Academy At Blinn-Brenham
  • Students applying for admission into Blinn Brenham will complete the ApplyTexas application ( for Blinn College and an Engineering Academy at Blinn-Brenham supplemental application.
  • Current students at Blinn who wish to participate in the Academy will complete an Engineering Academy at Blinn-Brenham supplemental application consisting of all the information collected on the Apply Texas application [Biographical information, educational background and information, test scores, residency information, extracurricular and volunteer activities, employment information, custom questions for the institution, etc.].
  • Blinn-Brenham will select pre-calculus or calculus-ready students from their applicant pool who are interested in pursuing an engineering degree through this co-enrollment Academy.¬† This applicant pool can consist of both “first-time-in” and continuing college students.¬†
  • Blinn College will provide prequalified students a unique link to the Texas A&M Engineering Academy application. Students must follow all guidelines and submit all required credentials to the Office of Admissions at Texas A&M by April 1 at 5:00pm CST. Using a holistic review process, the Office of Admissions will make final selections for admission to the Academy by May 1.
  • Admission to the Academy will require participation in the Living Community, requiring all Academy participants to live in the Blinn College Park Apartments, located on the Brenham campus.¬†Participants may choose to appeal this requirement on the basis of financial or medical needs.
  • An option to apply for early entry into a degree-granting major in the college of engineering is available for Academy students who have completed a minimum of two math, two science and two engineering courses required for an engineering major and have earned a minimum 2.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at each institution, as calculated by Texas A&M. Students must complete the calculus sequence for the major to which admitted at Blinn College-Brenham prior to beginning full-time enrolment at Texas A&M University.
  • Students who successfully complete the Academy by the first summer term following their second year with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 at each institution, as calculated by Texas A&M University, will be automatically admitted to Texas A&M the following fall term. These students can then apply for a change of curriculum into a degree-granting major in the College of Engineering. If a student fails to gain transfer admission into their engineering major of choice, Academy advisors will help the student identify another major in or outside the College of Engineering.
  • Students who do not successfully complete the Academy requirements or gain transfer admission by the end of the first summer term following their second year, will not be able to continue their enrollment at Texas A&M, but may be eligible for admission as a returning student after the next fall semester (subject to current readmission criteria) or may transfer to another engineering program.