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Catholic Student Association

As Catholic students of Blinn College, we humbly pray that we might aid students in becoming well informed and well rounded individuals. We have formed the Blinn College Catholic Student Association (BCSA) for the Bryan Campus to help us grow spiritually, as well mentally and physically. BCSA focuses on uniting the various ministries of St. Mary's and the general Catholic student community by offering numerous social activities throughout the year. BCSA is the only St. Mary's ministry that is recognized by Blinn; therefore, BCSA is the bridge for various St. Mary's student ministries to campus. To join the BCSA a person must be either Catholic, or interested in the Catholic faith, and a student.


The purpose of BCSA is to serve as a representative for all of the student programs of St. Mary’s Catholic center, to promote the Catholic faith, and to create a stronger community among students at Blinn College, Bryan Campus. In an effort to meet the individual needs of our particular Christian community, in benefit of the whole, we strive to minister to those who may only be with us for a short time. We hope to prepare them for their walk with Christ into other areas of life whether it is a four year degree at Texas A&M or some other institution, or it is a position in the workforce.


  1. To create an awareness of the Catholic faith on-campus among Blinn students.
  2. To provide publicity and outreach at Blinn College for the various programs of St. Mary's Catholic Center.
  3. To serve as a forum of communication among all of the previously mentioned programs.
  4. To foster a welcoming atmosphere and build community among the students and programs of St. Mary's Catholic Center.
  5. To sponsor various special events for the enjoyment and benefit of students at Blinn college.
  6. To serve the unique needs generated by a two year institution and its many transient students.

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