ONLINE HISTORY 1301-N03 May Minimester 2013 SYLLABUS

Course Outline
Course Requirements and Grading Criteria
Tentative Schedule
Policies: Attendance, Make-up Exams, Others


Donald A. Whatley
401 Old Main, Brenham campus
Office Hours: By appointment

Course Description: A survey of United States history that begins with the migrations of people to the western hemisphere and continues through the Civil War and Reconstruction Period. The course focuses on the periods of discovery, colonization, revolution, and nation building. Prerequisites: Appropriate score on the THEA test or alternative test or completion of READ 0306 with a grade of "C" or better. Credit: Three semester hours.

Core Curriculum Course: This a Core Course in the 42-Hour Core of Blinn College. As such, students will develop proficiency in the appropriate Intellectual Competencies, Exemplary Educational Objectives, and Perspectives. More information is available online at

Course Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes: After successfully completing History 1301 students should have a working knowledge of the following:

  • Create an argument through the use of historical evidence.
  • Analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources.
  • Analyze the effects of historical, social, political, economic, cultural, and global forces on this period of United States history.

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Text: America's History, vol. 1, 7th ed., James Henretta, Rebecca Edwards, and Robert Self.

Required Equipment: You will need access to a computer. Computers are available for you in the Bullock Lab, Learning Center, and library. Turn off any and all pop-up blocking software! If you need assistance with the eCampus courseware or are having problems logging on to the server contact the Distance Learning Office (979-209-7298,, click on "Need Help?").

Login: To get started go to and follow the instructions under "Logging into eCampus."

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Course Outline:

Unit 1 – Early exploration through the French and Indian War. Text chapters 1-4

Unit 2 – The Revolutionary War through American Nationalism. Text chapters 5-8

Unit 3 – Economic expansion, the New Democracy, and the Old South. Text chapters 9, 10, 12

Unit 4 – Sectionalism through Reconstruction. Text chapters 13-15

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Course Requirements and Grading Criteria:

Points Possible
Fourteen chapter quizzes
Four internet assignment quizzes
Three major exams (175 points each)
Comprehensive final exam

At any time you can determine your average by dividing the number of points you've earned by the total number of points awarded up to that point. For example if you have earned 400 points out of 500 points possible: 400 divided by 500=.80 or 80%. This is fourth grade arithmetic. Please don't ask me to do it for you.

Letter Grade Assignment: Final grades will be based on the final scale: 900+ = A, 800-899 = B, 700-799 = C, 600-699 = D, Less than 600 = F

Chapter Quizzes

Each assignment includes a timed, ten question open-book multiple choice chapter quiz over the reading assignment. There will be a total of 14. This is an easy way to boost your grade.

Internet Assignment Quizzes

Four times during the semester I will send you to a web site to read an article. You'll then take a brief quiz over the content and issues presented in the assignment.


Every assignment includes posting required comments in various topics of the Discussion Board. These will be your own observations and responses to the comments of your classmates. This is another easy way to boost your grade. These topics will be locked after the due date.

Three Major Exams

These are timed, open-book tests consisting of fifty randomly chosen multiple choice questions worth 3.5 points each.

Comprehensive Final Exam

This is also a timed, open-book test consisting of seventy randomly chosen multiple choice questions worth 2.5 points each.
PLEASE NOTE: The grade received on your final exam counts for both the final and will be used to replace the lowest of your first three exam scores if it is to your advantage.

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Online Testing: All testing is done online from anywhere you have an internet connection (preferably high speed). All of the quizzes and exams are posted and available for you to take any time before the due date. Availability for all quizzes and exams ends at 11:55 PM on the day of the deadline. This is according to the eCampus server's clock, not yours. These are timed tests. Be sure your computer and internet access are up to the task. If this is an issue with you go on campus and use Blinn's equipment to take the test or make other arrangements. Also note that waiting until the evening of the last day is a bad plan. Many of you will do this and it slows down the server considerably causing delays. Take your exam early in the testing period! You signed up for an online class and YOU are responsible for accessing it. Problems with your computer and/or poor internet connections are no excuse for missing all or part of an exam!

Testing Period Schedule:

Chapter quizzes and discussion postings are due by 11:55 PM of the due date.
First assignment quiz due by May 16
First major exam due by May 17
Second assignment quiz due by May 21 Second major exam due by May 22
Third assignment quiz due by May 24 Third major exam due by May 25
Fourth assignment quiz due by May 28 Final Exam due by May 29

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Tentative Instructional Outline
Assn. and Due Date
Course Material
1: 5-14-13
Early Exploration
2: 5-14-13
Early Colonization
3: 5-15-13
British America
4: 5-16-13
Colonial Society
5: 5-18-13
Colonial Discontent
6: 5-19-13
The Revolutionary War
7: 5-20-13
Federalists and Democratic-Republicans
8: 5-21-13
The Early Republic
9: 5-23-13
The Market Revolution
10: 5-23-13
Jacksonian Democracy
11: 5-24-13
The Old South
12: 5-26-13
The Rise of Sectionalism
13: 5-27-13
The War Between the States
14: 5-28-13

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Civility Statement: Members of the Blinn College community, which includes faculty, staff and students, are expected to act honestly and responsibly in all aspects of campus life. Blinn College holds all members accountable for their actions and words. Therefore, all members should commit themselves to behave in a manner that recognizes personal respect and demonstrates concern for the personal dignity, rights, and freedoms of every member of the College community, including respect for College property and the physical and intellectual property of others.

Civility Notification Statement: If a student is asked to leave the classroom because of uncivil behavior, the student may not return to that class until he or she arranges a conference with the instructor; it is the student's responsibility to arrange for this conference.

Attendance Policy: The College District believes that class attendance is essential for student success; therefore, students are required to promptly and regularly attend all their classes. Without full participation and regular class attendance, students shall find themselves at a severe disadvantage for achieving success in college. If a student has one week’s worth of unexcused absences during the semester, he/she will be sent an e-mail by the College requiring the student to contact his/her instructor and schedule a conference immediately to discuss his/her attendance issues. Should the student accumulate two week's worth of unexcused absences, he/she will be administratively withdrawn from class.

There are four forms of excused absences recognized by the institution:

1. Observance of religious holy days. The student should notify his/her instructor(s) not later than the 15th day of the semester concerning the specific date(s) that the student will be absent for any religious holy day(s).

2. Representing Blinn College at an official institutional function.

3. A high school student representing the independent school district at an official institutional function.

4. Military service.

Other absences may be considered excused at the discretion of the faculty member with appropriate documentation. A student enrolled in a developmental course is subject to College District-mandated attendance policies. Failure to attend developmental classes shall result in removal from the course as defined by the College District.

It is the student’s responsibility to officially drop a class he or she is no longer attending. To officially drop a class the student must obtain the class withdrawal form from Enrollment Services, complete the class withdrawal form, secure the required signatures, and return the completed form to Enrollment Services. The last day to drop this semester with a Q is April 12.

Failure to login to the course and complete at least part of a graded assignment without making prior arrangements with me will be considered one week's worth of unexcused absences. We have a virtual classroom and I expect you to login several times a week. You will have to in order to keep up with the work. The quizzes and exams all have strictly enforced due dates. If you don't take them by that date you get a zero for the assignment and there is no make-up work. Also, part of your grade is based on your participation in the discussion forums. There will be no lurkers in my class! The Discussion Board discussion topics will be locked after the due date and you may not make up the assignment. You do have the option of working ahead. All of the assignments are posted with the due dates. This allows you to work ahead but prevents you from falling behind. If you choose to drop the course, it is your responsibility to do so at Enrollment Services.

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Scholastic Integrity: Blinn College does not tolerate cheating, plagiarism, or any other act of dishonesty with regard to the course in which you are enrolled. The following text defines the faculty member’s responsibility with regard to the scholastic integrity expectation for this and all courses at Blinn College. It is the responsibility of faculty members to maintain scholastic integrity at the College District by refusing to tolerate any form of scholastic dishonesty. Adequate control of test materials, strict supervision during testing, and other preventive measures should be utilized, as necessary, to prevent cheating or plagiarism. If there is compelling evidence that a student is involved in cheating or plagiarism, the faculty member should assume responsibility and address the infraction. Likewise, any student accused of scholastic dishonesty is entitled to due process as outlined in Blinn College Board Policy FLB (Local). The Scholastic Integrity Policy is located in the Blinn College Student Handbook. In a case of scholastic dishonesty, it is critical that written documentation be maintained at each level throughout the process.

Students with Disabilities: Blinn College is dedicated to providing the least restrictive learning environment for all students. Support services for students with documented disabilities are provided on an individual basis, upon request. Requests for services should be made directly to the Office of Disability Services serving the campus of your choice. For the Bryan campus, the Office of Disability Services (Administration Building) can be reached at (979)209-7251. The Brenham, Sealy and Schulenburg campuses are served by the Office of Disability Services on the Brenham campus (New Administration Building Room 104) and can be reached at (979)830-4157. Additional information can be found at

Final Grade Appeals Policy: If a student wishes to appeal a final grade in a course, Blinn College Board Policy FLDB (Local), Course Grade Complaints, outlines the timeline for the appeal and the four steps in the appeal. This policy is located in the Blinn College Student Handbook.

Make-up Exam Policy: There are NO make-up exams unless your absence falls into one of the four categories above AND you present the proper documentation to verify this. If any of these circumstances apply you must make-up the test within three days of the original exam date. In all other cases the final exam score will replace the missed exam grade.
Please note! Since the tests are available all semester there is really no excuse not to take the exam by the due date.

Extra Credit Policy: I do not offer any extra credit assignments so please do not ask.

Student Email Accounts: Effective Spring 2008 all students have an email account provided by Blinn College. Both the faculty and administration will use this to relay important (and maybe not so important) information to you. Check it out and check it often! Better yet, set it to forward your messages to an account you check regularly. For more information visit

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