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General Psychology

Lifespan Growth & Development



Cacioppo & Freberg's PowerPoint Slides Sigelman's PowerPoint Slides
Introduction Sigelman & Rider: Life-Span Human Development, 7th ed
01~ The Science of Mind:The Discipline of Psychology 01: Understanding Life-Span Human Development
02~ The Measure of Mind: Methods of Psychology 02: Theories of Human Development
03~ The Evolving Mind: Nature and Nurture Intertwined 03: Genes, Environment, & Development
04~ The Biological Mind: The Physical Basis of Behavior 04: Prenatal Development & Birth
05~ The Perceiving Mind: Sensation and Perception 05: Health & Physical Development
06~ The Aware Mind: Elements of Consciousness 06: Sensation, Perception & Attention
07~ The Feeling Mind: Motivation & Emotion 07: Cognition
08~ The Adaptive Mind: Learning 08: Memory & Information Processing
09~ The Knowing Mind: Memory 09: Intelligence & Creativity
10~ The Thinking Mind: Thinking, Language, & Intelligence 10: Language & Education
11~ The Developing Mind: Life-Span Development 11: Self & Personality
12~ The Individual Mind: Personality & the Self 12: Gender Roles & Sexuality
13~ The Connected Mind: Social Psychology 13: Social Cognition & Moral Development
14~ The Troubled Mind: Psychological Disorders 14: Attachment & Social Relationships
15~ Healing the Troubled Mind: Therapy 15: Family
16~ The Healthy Mind: Stress & Coping, Health Psychology & Positive Psychology 16: Developmental Psychopathology
  17: The Fianl Challenge: Death & Dying
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