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The College Police and Security Department



Reporting Crimes and Emergencies - The College Police Department and the Division of Student Services encourage the reporting of all criminal offenses.  The College Police Department offers the following methods of summoning assistance:

  • Blinn College Police & Security Department -
    Brenham - (Washington County Communications - Non Campus Number) 979-337-7272
    Bryan - 979-361-3888 
  • Emergency response - 911
  • Smoke and fire alarms (College Police and Brenham Fire Department response.)

The Blinn College Police & Security Department has the major responsibility for the safety and well-being of the students, faculty and staff members at the college.

Department personnel are sensitive to the special nature of a college campus and especially to students, who are generally young and on their own for the first time. This calls for a safe and orderly environment so all members of the community may fulfill their individual missions.

The state certified police agency employs six commissioned officers and a number of support staff.

Their authority extends to more than 70 acres and the various buildings that make up the Blinn College-Bryan campus and the 62 acres and various buildings that make up the Blinn College-Brenham campus. The well-trained officers investigate all criminal incidents on campus, carry firearms and make arrests. They also provide emergency first aid and CPR.

The College Police cooperate with other law enforcement agencies at the city, county, state and federal levels. This includes police communications, a computer system accessing nationwide records, coordination of special events and a mutual assistance program.

The College Police Department, in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies, monitors criminal offenses committed off campus by Blinn employees and students. The department reports such incidents to appropriate college officials.

The department offers these additional services:

  • Nighttime escorts;
  • Patrols throughout the campus; and
  • Response to a network of fire, smoke and intrusion alarms.


Other Safety Resources

Missing Student Notification Policy - Blinn College recognizes the importance of safety and well-being of its students very seriously. The purpose of this policy is to establish the process for responding to reports of missing students, as required by the Higher Education Act of 2008. This policy applies to Blinn College enrolled students who reside in on-campus housing, including on-campus apartments units owned by the college. A student will be considered missing if a roommate, classmate, faculty member or other campus person has not seen the person in a reasonable amount of time. Students are given the opportunity during each semester’s registration process to designate an individual or individuals to be contacted by the College no more than 24 hours after the time the student is determined to be missing. If there is reason to believe that a student is missing, all possible efforts will be made to locate the student to determine the student’s state of health and well-being. The efforts to locate the student will be a collaborative effort between Blinn College Division of Student Services, Blinn College Housing Department, Blinn College Police, fellow students, family and friends.

The Missing Student Notification Policy is available upon request from the Blinn College Police and Security Department at (979-830-4100)

Fire services - The Brenham Fire Department responds to fire calls and activation of alarms on campus.

Medical emergencies - In the event of a medical emergency, call 911 for the city's Emergency Medical Service or go to Trinity Medical Center located south of the main campus on Medical Parkway.

Crime Awareness and Prevention

Students must assume responsibility for their personal and property safety. Of the few incidents, thefts, often the results of carelessness, make up the majority of criminal activity on the Blinn College campuses.

Any suspicious person, vehicle, act or incident should be reported to the College Police Department or other college official as soon as possible. Always be aware of your surroundings and travel with companions when possible.

Crime witnesses, especially victims, can receive free counseling through several agencies such as the Blinn College Counseling Service, Victim's Assistance Program and the Rape Crisis Center of Brazos County.