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 Course Syllabus
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Classroom Policies and Procedures
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 Visitors to Classroom
 Attendance Policy
 Incivility / Language Use / Abuse in the Classroom/
 Academic Dishonest
 Walks and Early Dismissal
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Office of Disability Services
 Department Contact Information
 Why do we have accommodations?
 Who provides enforcement?
 The Issue of "Fairness"
 Learning Outcomes
 Types of Disabilities -
 Reasonable Accommodations:
 Sign Language Interpreters
 Examples of Reasonable Accommodations
 Case Law:
 Due Process
 Student Procedures
 Testing Accommodations
 Testing Responsibility:
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Grading Policies and Procedures
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 Attendance Policy
 Attendance Policy
 Requests for Class / Student Data / FERPA
 Grade and Grading System / Use and Maintain a Grade Book
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 Final Exam and End of Semester Grades
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Faculty Duties & Responsibilities
 Dress Code 
 Office Hours 
 Leave Policies  
 Professional Development
 Travel and Transportation
 Faculty Duties and Responsibilities
 Faculty Evaluation Process [Appendix G]
 Tobacco Free Policy 
 Student Rights and Responsibilities
Support Services
 Virtual Center for Teaching and Learning
 Learning Center / Writing Room / Computer Labs
 Library Services: Locations & Resources 
 Library Services: Access
  Library Services: Need Assistance?
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  Lync - Communication System
 Wireless Network
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 Distance Learning
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Emergency Preparedness & Safety
 Faculty Handbook Location
 Blinn Campus / Police Department Contact Information
 Emergency Management - Blinn Alert System & Codes
 Emergency Preparedness and Safety Guidelines-Lockdown
 Shelter in Place
 Have an Exit Strategy
 CIRT - Critical Response Intervention Team
 Suspicious Activity / Bomb Threats
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Facts from Human Resources
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 Mandatory Trainings
 Pay Schedule
 Full Time Administrative Staff
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