Distance Learning

 Distance Learning enrollment has increased dramatically at Blinn College over the past few years. Dr. Mark Workman, Blinn's dean of Distance Learning, said more students are enrolling in online courses due to the flexibility to schedule classwork around jobs, parenting and vacations; less time and money spent traveling to and from campus; and the opportunity to take courses without living in the immediate area. There are three types of DL courses at Blinn College:

  • Online (Internet) courses,
  • Blended (Hybrid) courses (51% or more online)
  • Interactive Video courses (Live classes that connect to other Blinn locations.)

More information can be found on the Types of Distance Learning Courses page. For details concerning the Distance Education programs and course offerings visit the Distance Education website. Be sure to click on the FAQ for answers to many of your questions.

To teach online Faculty must complete the eCampus training requirements. These courses are offered online and in person by Blinn Instructional Designers. For details, faculty may click on the Faculty / Staff link on the Distance Education website, use your Blinn login / password. Then select STANDARDS. See the Distance Learning Procedures. Training may be found on the Instructional Design website.


Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC)

Academic Technology maintains seventeen Tandberg room systems. The equipment is used to teach classes between campuses and area high schools, conduct meetings and bring in guest speakers. For more information concerning IVC check the IVC website. For training complete the HELP desk request form or call 979-830-4357.



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