Dual Credit Education

Dual Credit is offered at many high schools in the Service Area. This includes students attending the Blinn Campus locations, faculty traveling to the high school location, or Interactive Video Conference (IVC). For Faculty delivering Dual Credit courses, there are special policies and procedures. The Dual Credit Coordinator will provide the current policies and procedures to faculty, high school liaisons, students and parents. Several important facts to remember about Dual Credit:

  • Blinn grading system and high school grading system are different. Below 70 in a dual credit class = no High School Credit. This may affect the student graduation from high school.
  • Report Cards- No report cards are issued by the teacher or Blinn until the end of the semester.
  • UIL Passing Grade Rule exempts college courses.
  • College courses require FERPA paperwork before Faculty may speak with parents.
  • Contact person is Dual Credit Coordinator and Campus liaison / school counselor.
  • Syllabus for Dual Credit may need to address attendance, grades, etc. specific to the program.

All program details are provided at the beginning of each semester from the Dual Credit Coordinator.

Visit the Dual Credit website for more information.


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