Bomb Incident Plan


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In the event a bomb threat is received, the Blinn College Police will assume command.  They will assess the situation and determine what action is to be taken. 

Written threat

If a written threat is received save all materials, including any envelope or container in which it was received. 

Suspicious package

If you receive a suspicious package, look for the following:  mailed from a foreign country, excessive postage, misspelled words, addressed to title only, rigid or bulky, badly typed or written, lopsided, oily stains on wrapper, protruding wires, strange odor, no return address, or restrictive markings.  If a suspicious package is located, notify the Blinn College Police immediately.  Police and CIRT will then evacuate, mark, and secure the area until the bomb squad assumes command.

Telephone threat

If a threat is telephoned in, keep the caller on line as long as possible.  Call the Blinn College Police as soon as possible on another telephone if possible.    While the caller is on the phone, record the following: the day and time, the number at which the threat was received, the exact wording of the threat, the sex of the caller, the caller's voice quality and background noises.  It is very important to get as much information as possible from the caller.  Ask them many questions.


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