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Brenham Campus Parking General Information

All students parking a vehicle on the Blinn College Campus (Campus street boundaries included) must register their vehicle and purchase a vehicle parking permit.  Brenham Campus parking permits must be displayed on the outside of the vehicle’s back window in the lower left corner.

Students MUST park according to the permit issued, and are NOT permitted to park in Reserved, Numbered or Visitor spaces.   

The registered owner of the permit is responsible for all parking citations incurred when utilizing the permit for compliance with Blinn College parking policies.  Parking and traffic regulations are in effect at all times.  The parking citation fine per violation is $40.00.  Multiple violations may be assessed on one citation.  Vehicles may be subject to towing.

Parking permits are NOT transferable to any other person or vehicle.  Report your lost or stolen parking permit to Enrollment Services as soon as possible.  Possession of a lost or stolen permit is grounds for disciplinary action.

Permit Fees

Fall $75.00  (covers Fall, Spring & Summer)

$50.00  (covers Spring & Summer)


$25.00  (covers Summer only)

Minimester N/A
Replacement Full Price

Commuter Permit
Park in Commuter Lots or street parking DO NOT park in the Blinn College Park Apartment Lots or Residence Hall Lots

Apartment/Commuter Permit
Park in the Blinn College Park Apartment Lots, Commuter Lots or street parking
DO NOT park in Residence Hall Lots

Residence Hall Permit
Park in ANY Residence Hall Lot
DO NOT park in the Blinn College Park Apartment Lots, Commuter Lots or street parking

Temporary Permits
Issued based on each request (vehicle repairs, switching vehicles, rentals).
A current official permit must already have been purchased, in order to receive a
Temporary Permit.  Students must park according to their assigned official permit.

Visitor Permits
Students having a visitor who intends to park a vehicle on Campus must have their visitor check in with Enrollment Services to pick up a Visitor Permit for their vehicle.  Visitors arriving after business hours, to visit students living in the Residence Halls or Blinn College Park Apartments, must check in with the Residence Hall Manager or Apartment Manager and request a ‘Visitor Parking Permit’.

IMPORTANT:  Please see the Blinn College Parking & Traffic Regulations Policy for detailed information concerning policies and regulations, enforcement, violations, parking permits and fees, citations and fines, appeals, visitor parking, Blinn Team and Health Science Center parking.