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Tips for Using eCampus

1. Don't use more than one browser at a time when logged into eCampus. More than one instance of eCampus can cause the system to be confused and not save your answers or submit your documents.

2. If you are typing a long response into a drop box or discussion forum, use a word processing program to write it first. Then, copy and paste the response into the drop box or forum.

3. Use a supported browser. Do not use an unsupported browser, even if you have never had any problems before.

4. If you do have technical problems, contact your instructor immediately. Then, contact Distance Education. Contacting your instructor immediately will put a time/date stamp on the technical issue so your instructor knows when the problem occurred.

5. There is a daily maintenance operation from 2 - 3 AM every morning. If you take an exam during this time, your exam may be interrupted due to this maintenance. Please do not start exams that will run into the 2 - 3 AM hour.

6. If your instructor allows you to take your exams online from locations other than Blinn Learning Centers, please read through the Online Exam Recommendations for Students document.

7. If you receive a reactivate message while viewing a page in eCampus, it is fine to click to reactivate the session. HOWEVER, if you reactivate when you are using a drop box, discussion, or assessment, your answers may not be saved or submitted.

8. Tegrity Tip: If you are using a PC and the recording upload is interrupted, there is a set of instructions for restarting the upload. If you are using a MAC, there is no way to restart the upload.

9. Always try another internet browser if you are experiencing technical problems.

10. For password problems, try to reset your password in Password Manager. Also make sure you set up your security questions to avoid future issues.