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Former Blinn College music student selected for Marine Detachment, Naval School of Music

Jose Villa credits Blinn with preparing him for rigorous program

November 6, 2020

Jose VillaFormer Blinn College student Jose Villa always knew he wanted a career in music. He just wasn’t sure how to get there.

Thanks to inspiration from Blinn’s music faculty, Villa has found his path.

A trombone player, Villa has been selected for the elite Marine Detachment, Naval School of Music in Virginia Beach, Va. The school is the first stop after basic training for musicians who wish to join the ranks of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps bands.

Villa, a Waller High School graduate, came to Blinn with the goal of a career in music education.

“Music has been a really big part of my life and I always just had this idea that maybe one day I would pass on my love for the art to the next generation,” he said.

At Blinn, he found support and motivation.

“The faculty at Blinn was great. Everyone was incredibly talented and just knew how to teach,” Villa said. “This really motivated me, because I would see how much they enjoyed it. It just made me imagine my future.

“I really enjoyed performing with the band and its small ensembles. I believe that gave me an opportunity to improve my musicianship, which would help me along my career path.”

After his time at Blinn, Villa faced another question – what now? The local Marines recruiting office had the answer.

“Honestly, at the time it sounded like a false hope,” Villa said, “but I had to take that chance if I wanted to continue the career path I fell in love with.”

After joining the Marines, Villa auditioned for the Naval School of Music and was accepted. Villa said his time at Blinn helped prepare him.

“Jose was the best student I had the privilege to work with,” trombone instructor Alex Cruz said. “Jose entered his time at Blinn with extraordinary musical gifts and work ethic that immediately made him stand out among his peers.

“He regularly completed assignments while also asking the importance or relevance of each task he completed as he went along. The ending portion of his lessons would often turn into open discussions about general concepts of music, psychology, and discipline, which was incredible to witness and often challenged me as a teacher.

“He is without a doubt one of the best students Blinn could have hoped for.”

Dr. Sarah Burke, Director of Bands at Blinn, said Villa is an energetic and fun young musician.

“While we miss seeing him in our classes and ensembles, we are proud that he is serving our country and furthering his career,” Burke said.

Villa will perform with the Marine Pacific Force Band in Hawaii after completing his training at the Naval School of Music. He wants to continue his career in music after he leaves the Marine Corps.

“I’m hoping that after my time in the Marine Corps, I’ll have the opportunity to continue my path in education and hopefully inspire the next generation,” he said.

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