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Coming full circle: Bryan couple undergo reverse transfer process to earn Blinn associate degrees

Kyle and Dee Ann Jones were inspired by their daughter to transfer credits toward their associate degrees

Kyle and Dee Ann Jones were inspired by their daughter to transfer credits toward their associate degrees

July 10, 2018

As the Jones family ambled onto the Blinn College-Bryan Campus on a quiet Saturday morning, a look of amazement lingered on their faces. 

Blinn College District alumni Kyle and Dee Ann Jones had never had the opportunity to visit the 80-acre campus located on the corner of Villa Maria Road and East 29th Street in Bryan. A visit to their alma mater along with their daughter, Darby, a softball player at the Brenham Campus, allowed the couple to reminisce about their time at the institution.'

"Blinn-Bryan has changed so much since we were students," said Dee Ann Jones, a Contract Specialist for the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). "When we attended classes over 30 years ago, it was a budding institution located across town in what are now office buildings. I am just amazed with its growth and success."

Three decades after taking their last course at Blinn, the local couple rekindled their Buccaneer pride by earning their associate degrees through "reverse transfer." This simple process allows former students who meet Blinn's residency requirements to transfer credits at a four-year university toward their associate degree. 

The decision was inspired by their daughter, a criminal justice major who has made frequent appearances on the Dean's Scholars List and Athletic Director's Honor Roll.

"We wanted to show her the importance of an education and finishing what you start," said Kyle Jones, a 27-year history teacher and softball coach with Bryan ISD. "It shows future employers that you worked hard to earn your associate degree, and you have used it as a springboard to go further in your education. It is a milestone."

Kyle Jones graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor's degree in Education Curriculum and Instruction, while his wife graduated from Texas A&M with a bachelor's degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences. Both earned their degrees in 1990. 

The couple learned about the reverse transfer process during Darby's new student orientation in 2017, but did not initiate the process until last month. Once they obtained their transcripts from Texas A&M, Graduation Coordinator Kristi Reddoch walked them through the convenient, free process.

"To my knowledge, the Joneses are the first couple to receive their associate degrees via reverse transfer," she said. "I encourage anyone who has attended Blinn to look over their transcripts and apply for graduation. Sometimes life happens and you may not have been able to earn their bachelor's degree, but may already have earned your associate degree without realizing it. An associate degree is a great addition to any resume, regardless of a student's education or career background."

To be eligible for reverse transfer, students must meet Blinn's residency requirements and fulfill all graduation requirements. To check eligibility, students can contact Reddoch at or 979-830-4174.

Students also can apply for reverse transfer online by sending their official university transcript to Blinn and completing the application at

Blinn then will conduct a degree audit to verify the student's eligibility. Eligible students may receive their degree with the next graduating class. If additional coursework is required, Blinn will inform students who have applied which courses are needed to complete the degree

"It is such a great feeling to know that I now have a diploma to represent all the time and resources my parents and I put into my education," Dee Ann Jones said. "Reverse transfer has allowed us to come full circle with our education as we support our daughter in her academic journey at Blinn."

For additional information regarding reverse transfer, visit











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