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Blinn College sophomore enjoys Music Program, student government activities in her pursuit of a business degree

‘Blinn had all the courses I needed to transfer to North Texas and the advisors were very helpful,’ says Carli Pritchard

April 3, 2018

Carli Pritchard

For sophomore Carli Pritchard, her path to a business degree from the University of North Texas led through Blinn College’s Music Program and Student Government Association (SGA).

“These last two years at Blinn have taught me to build relationships and work with a team,” Pritchard said.

Pritchard is a member of Sigma Kappa Delta, the two-year college English honor society. She credits professors who have extended their office hours or come to class early to assist students for much of her academic success. 

“It really is nice to be on a college campus where you get to make more personal relationships with your professors,” she said. “That is one of the reasons that I chose Blinn, because it is a smaller college and is a really good stepping stone into a university.”

A member of Blinn’s chamber, concert, and women’s choirs, Pritchard initially came to Blinn when she received a scholarship from the Blinn College Music Department.

“I auditioned for the Blinn Choir and then took a tour of the school, and I just knew from that moment that I would like it here,” Pritchard said. “Blinn has prepared me not only academically, but the extracurricular activities that I have been involved in have helped me develop leadership skills and work with people.”

After serving four years as the president of Clear Springs High School, Pritchard joined Blinn’s student government during her first semester on campus. She was Blinn’s historian during her first semester before becoming the vice president, and she was elected president for the 2017-18 academic year.

As the SGA President, she has helped the SGA host a variety of events and leads SGA executive board meetings and general assembly meetings.

“I have always had the need to help people and have enjoyed volunteer work and seeing people from different backgrounds come together for a cause,” Pritchard said.

Upon graduating from Blinn in May, Pritchard will transfer to the University of North Texas to pursue a business degree with a specialization in marketing.

“Blinn had all the courses I needed to transfer to North Texas and the advisors were very helpful,” she said. “It was nice to get those courses done here before I go off to a big university because the professors have helped me a lot. I know that the things that I learned here are going to be things I am going to have to do in my career.”

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