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Wells Fargo Foundation donates $20,000 to establish Blinn College endowed scholarship

Blinn will make an additional $5,000 contribution to the scholarship fund

Wells Fargo

May 11, 2017

From left: Blinn College Foundation Board President Walt Schoenvogel, Blinn College Foundation Associate Director Phil Shackelford, Wells Fargo Business Banker Sally Stroech, Wells Fargo Regional District Manager Hector Acevedo, and Wells Fargo Area President David O’Neil.

The Wells Fargo Foundation recently donated $20,000 to establish a Wells Fargo Endowed Scholarship that will help Blinn College students meet their educational goals.

Blinn College will make an additional $5,000 contribution to the scholarship fund.

“Wells Fargo’s generosity and commitment to education will help Texas students achieve their dreams of earning a college degree,” said Walt Schoenvogel, Chair of the Blinn College Foundation Board of Directors. “These scholarships will help more students get the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the changing workforce.”

“Blinn College and the Blinn Foundation are proud to partner with Wells Fargo as it continues its longstanding tradition of philanthropy and community service,” said Phil Shackelford, Associate Director of Resource Development. “While Blinn allows students to save thousands of dollars in tuition and fees each year, many students would not have the opportunity to obtain a college degree without scholarships made possible by individuals, businesses, and organizations such as the Wells Fargo Foundation.”

The Wells Fargo Foundation supports thousands of national and community-based nonprofits annually to help revitalize and strengthen communities. Today, Wells Fargo is one of the top corporate cash donors among U.S. companies, contributing more than $281 million in 2015 to 16,300 nonprofits focused on community development, affordable housing, education, disaster relief, financial education, clean technology, job training, and other critical social, economic, and environmental challenges.

Wells Fargo and the Wells Fargo Foundation provide monetary support, expertise, and volunteers to national and local nonprofit organizations and causes that align with their business priorities, values, business expertise, and geographies. They focus on philanthropic activities on creating long-term, strategic relationships with nonprofits and other organizations to create innovative, sustainable solutions to meet local needs.

David O’Neil, Area President for Wells Fargo, said, “Wells Fargo is excited to partner with Blinn College and provide funding to support students with access to a college education.  Strengthening financial knowledge and opportunities is a key component to our Vision and Values, and through this endowment we’re proud to offer students with access to a high-quality education.”

The Blinn Foundation supports programs and activities that enhance the quality of education for Blinn College students and expand the educational opportunities for the entire community. While raising funds is an important function, the Foundation also seeks to heighten community awareness of the mission and accomplishments of the College and to promote excellence in education.

Thanks to the support of generous donors, Blinn offers more than 230 endowed scholarships valued at more than $16 million to students on the Bryan, Brenham, Schulenburg, and Sealy campuses. To learn more about the Foundation or to establish a new endowed scholarship, call 979-830-4017 or visit:











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