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Blinn honors student takes winding path to associate degree

‘It was time to finish what I started,’ Jaclyn Doro says

Jaci Doro

May 18, 2017

When Jaclyn “Jaci” Doro enrolled at Blinn College last spring, she had one goal in mind – to finish what she started more than 10 years ago.

A native of Denver, Colo., Doro completed two semesters, collectively, at Colorado State University and Metropolitan State University of Denver before transitioning to a career with Verizon Wireless. Though Doro has experienced much success with Verizon over the past decade, she realized something was missing.

“One of my biggest regrets in life was not completing my degree,” Doro said. “It was time to finish what I started. Not only do I need this to advance my career, I want to earn my degree for me.”

The 31-year-old Doro had the opportunity to achieve her goal when she accepted a job as the Solutions Manager at a College Station Verizon store in 2015. Soon after her move, she resumed her academic journey at Blinn with the intention of transferring to Texas A&M University to complete her degree.

Transitioning back to college life was daunting for the sophomore business major. Determined to step out of her comfort zone and meet new people, Doro joined the Blinn-Bryan Campus Alpha Phi Lambda chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the official national honor society for two-year colleges.

“I went to the PTK introductory meeting, met the members and advisors, and absolutely fell in love with it,” Doro said. “From an age standpoint, I am older than many of my peers at Blinn, so PTK has helped me venture out of my normal routine, but, at the same time, it motivates me to maintain structure in my life outside of work and school.”

Doro has since been named chapter president and recently was inducted into the District V Hall of Honor for Members at the 2017 Texas Regional PTK Convention – making her the first Alpha Phi Lambda student in eight years to earn the accolade.

“Jaci stepped up very quickly to take a leadership role in the organization,” said Lena Denman, Alpha Phi Lambda Advisor. “She was largely responsible for the completion of the organization’s Honors in Action Project – a 2,600-word extra-curricular report and presentation. Jaci has done a phenomenal job in taking an active role in PTK while balancing her coursework and career.”

Doro has played a large role in promoting the importance of earning an associate degree before transferring to a four-year university to Blinn’s student body – a venture that recently earned the group the PTK College Project Award of Merit.

“PTK is built on a foundation of community involvement and future success,” Doro said. “I am working closely with other members and our advisors to take Alpha Phi Lambda to the next level. We want to make the time students spend at Blinn even more beneficial.”

Doro plans to transfer to Texas A&M next year to pursue a bachelor’s degree in human resources and development and a master’s degree in business administration. Her goal is to acquire a general management position with Verizon.

“I am very methodical in my planning,” Doro said. “I am mindful of what classes I take during my time here at Blinn, so I can easily make the transition when the time comes. With the help of Blinn, PTK, and my academic advisors, I have high hopes that I can really do it this time.”

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