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Blinn introducing new courses for Fall semester

New anthropology, kinesiology courses will transfer into Texas A&M’s core

Blinn College will debut several new courses when the Fall semester begins Aug. 27, including a physical anthropology course that transfers to Texas A&M University as a science core credit and a kinesiology course that also transfers as a core class at A&M.

Anthropology 2401: Physical Anthropology With Lab; Kinesiology 1164: Introduction to Physical Fitness & Sport; and Biology 2404: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology are each new courses to the College, while Arts 2356: Photography I is new to the Brenham campus.

Students seeking high-demand courses in accounting, agriculture, economics, English, government, history, math, biology, chemistry, geology, physics and psychology should check the availability of those sections in the coming weeks, as Blinn plans to add seats to those sections by Aug. 11.

Fall registration is open through Aug. 26.

Last year,, a site that educates students about their options for obtaining and paying for a degree, named Blinn one of the most affordable large community colleges in the nation.

ANTH 2401: Physical Anthropology With Lab
Offered on the Bryan campus, Anthropology 2401 transfers to Texas A&M as a science core credit, Anthropology 225.

This four-credit hour course studies human origins and bio-cultural adaptations, with topics including primatology, genetics, human variation, forensics, health and ethics in the discipline. Lecture topics include the biological basis of life, and human variation and adaptation.
Hands-on lab activities include identification of fossils through examination of fossil casts, the study of human artifacts, analysis and comparison of skeletons to study primate behavior and problem solving in case studies of human genetics and forensics.

BIOL 2404: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
Offered on the Bryan campus, this course introduces the integrative processes within cells, tissues, organs and associated systems by providing a general survey of the structure and function of the organ systems.

The course is designed for students pursuing a degree or certificate in Health Information Technology, as a prerequisite for students planning to attend the Blinn Paramedic Academy and students who want a basic anatomy and physiology course before taking the more rigorous 2401/2402 course sequence.

This four-credit hour course includes three lecture hours and three laboratory hours per week.

PHED 1164: Introduction to Physical Fitness & Sport
Offered on the Bryan and Brenham campuses, this course is part of Blinn’s core and transfers to Texas A&M’s core as Kinesiology 120. It includes the study and practice of activities and principles that promote physical fitness and a general overview of the human body.

This one-credit hour course includes the scientific fundamentals of stress, fitness, nutrition, disease and drug use, and includes physical conditioning activity.

ARTS 2356: Photography I
Blinn’s Photography I course has been a popular staple of the Bryan campus, and this Fall will mark its first semester in Brenham.

This three-credit hour course includes camera operation, techniques, knowledge of chemistry and presentation skills. It emphasizes design, history and contemporary trends to develop an understanding of photographic aesthetics. The course includes two hours of lecture and four hours of laboratory time per week. For more information on the course, email