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November 5, 2012

A Tree Grows in Brenham

Study reveals Blinn College tree could be as much as 400 years old

Dennis KocichBlinn College is proud to be the oldest county-owned community college in the state of Texas. But the 129-year-old institution is still in its adolescence compared to some of the trees growing on its Brenham campus.

A study recently commissioned by the College revealed that the main campus includes trees that could be as much as 400 years old. The study was commissioned to help the College catalog the number, type and condition of trees on campus.

“Knowing exactly how many trees we have on campus, where they are, what condition they are in and how old they are will help us to better care for them moving forward,” said Dennis Kocich, the director of maintenance, facilities and transportation. “One of the reasons students travel from across the state to attend Blinn is because of the natural beauty of our campus, and the trees here play a large role in that.”

The tree survey revealed that Blinn’s Brenham campus includes 1,172 trees, predominantly pecans and live oaks. Of those trees, 28 exceed three feet in diameter and are likely more than 100 years old. The largest tree on campus, a live oak near the tennis courts, measures 68.8 inches in diameter and could be as much as 400 years old depending upon the growing conditions it experienced throughout its life.

The study was conducted by certified master arborist Jeff Lehde of Plant People, LLC. The newly-acquired data will help the facilities department moving forward as it establishes, protects and maintains the trees on campus.

PHOTO – Dennis Kocich, Blinn College’s director of maintenance, facilities and transportation, stands beside a live oak estimated to be as much as 400 years old. Blinn recently commissioned a study to catalogue the number, type and condition of every tree on the Brenham campus.