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Display Screen Guidelines

Digital signage serves as a visual communication medium to inform students, faculty, staff and visitors about events occurring at Blinn College. These guidelines were created to help ensure the most professional, effective and efficient use of the display screens throughout each of our campus locations. In any case where these guidelines differ from the College’s Visual Identity Guidelines or published brand standards the Visual Identity Guidelines or published standards will supersede this document.

The standard for acceptance will be whether the information submitted is timely and beneficial to students, guests and visitors of Blinn College.

Examples of Acceptable Content

  • Emergency notices
  • Public service notices (flooding, parking/building closures, etc.)
  • Academic notices (registration and payment deadlines)
  • Special events (plays, concerts, sporting events, etc.)
  • Student activities and events
  • Program registration information (not specific courses)

Because of our large number of faculty and staff potentially making requests for space on these screens and the limited attention time of the audience, the following content cannot be displayed:

  • Individual class announcements or advertising
  • Personal messages and messages that are considered inappropriate
  • Advertisement of commercial products or services
  • Messages that include the copyrighted or trademarked works of others
  • Political statements relating to local, statewide or national elections
  • Items not directly related to the College or directly beneficial to our students.

Who approves content – The Marketing & Communications team will determine what content will be displayed and aspects of appropriateness, number of slides, scheduling and all other pertinent considerations for content.

How much content will be active – To preserve the effectiveness of this marketing tool, a limited and appropriate number of slides will be displayed in rotation. Students and campus visitors will not stand and linger in front of most screens, meaning content must be limited to short reading times and easily digestible information.

* If submitting multiple slides, please indicate priority or designate a slide from the current rotation to drop off.

All slides for Blinn’s display screens will be created by the Office of Marketing & Communications. For maximum professionalism and efficiency, the Office of Marketing & Communications will ONLY consider event information that is tied to a calendar entry. Each department, program, or other sponsor is responsible for adding the event to the calendar. To ensure a place on a display screen, events must be entered into the calendar two weeks prior to the date of the event.

The content and layout will be edited for Blinn’s writing style and visual appeal, per our branding standards.

To submit a request for space on a display screen:

  1. Complete a calendar entry for your event. One-time or special promotions must be connected to a properly completed/submitted calendar entry.
  2. Fill-out and submit a Marketing/Communications Request form.

The display screens are updated on a regular basis to keep the content current, fresh and informative.  For more information about utilizing display screens, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at 979-830-4113.