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Testing Center Policies and Procedures

Testing Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures apply to all students taking exams in the Blinn testing centers:

  • All students must present a current Blinn ID to take a test. Students enrolled in programs that do not issue Blinn IDs must present a current picture ID such as a driver’s license. No exams will be distributed to a student without a valid ID.
  • All students should know the course name and number, instructor’s name, and the number or title of the exam to be administered.
  • All testing materials such as scantrons, bluebooks, and pencils or pens must be provided by the student. Students will leave backpacks, books, notes, cell phones, etc. at the front desk before receiving exams. All personal items will be returned when the exam is completed and turned in.
  • All exams must be started at least 90 minutes before closing. The Testing Center will not stay open after hours for students to finish exams. All exams will be taken up at closing whether completed or not. If a student requires extra time, it is the student’s responsibility to arrive early.
  • The Testing Center administers the exams as per the instructor’s directives. No exceptions are made to the instructor’s policies or specific exam instructions. Students should not contact the Testing Center with problems taking an exam, the instructor must be contacted. The Testing Center staff will not advise a student regarding policies outside the center’s area of responsibility. Students will always be referred to the instructor.
  • A student is not allowed to leave the Testing Center once the student has started an exam. If a student insists, the exam will be taken up, noting that the student left the Testing Center before completing the exam, and returned to the instructor. The exam will not be returned to the student without explicit written instructions from the instructor.
  • No talking by students taking exams is allowed. If a student ignores this rule, the student will be warned unless it is an obvious attempt at cheating which carries no warning. At the next occurrence the exam will be taken up, noting the reason, and returned to the instructor.
  • Appointments are required for use of a private testing room (Note: All students who request a private testing room must first contact the Office of Disability Services)
  • It is inappropriate to bring young children to the Testing Center.

Instructor Procedures for Submitting Exams to the Learning Center

  1. Fill out the examination administration form located at the front desk of the Learning Center or here (long form or short form). The following information is required:
    • Deadlines
    • Time limits
    • Resources required or allowed (scantrons, calculators, books, notes, etc)
    • Name(s) of student(s)
    • Exam return instructions (if not on the Brenham Campus)
  2. Submit the exam in one of the following ways:
    • Email the exam as an attachment along with instructions to
    • Send the exam with instructions via intercampus mail
    • Deliver the exam and instructions in person to the Learning Center
  3. Receive the completed exam(s)
    • Pick up the exam in person (Brenham Campus instructors only)
    • Have the exams sent via intercampus mail (if not on the Brenham Campus)

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