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Library Building,
Room C217
Phone: 979.209.7267
979 209 7254
Fax: 979.209.7245

Mailing Address
Bryan Learning Center
Blinn College
PO Box 6030
Bryan, TX 77805

Physical Address
Bryan Learning Center, C217 Blinn Blvd. Bryan, TX 77802

Blinn Exam Proctoring

Student Tester | Instructors or Distance Ed Office


Student Tester:

If you wish to have a non-Blinn exam proctored in our testing center, please contact your school and professor, first, and obtain any forms or instructions they have for proctored exams. Then, contact the Bryan Learning Center to get the appropriate information and testing instructions. Please use our mailing address (in the right-hand column) for proctor forms and address it to Bryan Learning Center. We can provide and receive information via telephone 979-209-7267, email,or fax 979-209-7245.

Proctoring Fee: If you are not a current Blinn student, there is a $25 charge per exam. If you take more than one exam in one day, you will only be charged one $25 fee per day. You MUST present a Blinn student ID with the current semester's sticker in order to get the proctor fee waived. You may pay the proctoring fee at the Learning Center counter with cash or a check made out to Blinn College (provide your driver's license with a check). If you need to pay using a credit or debit card, you must pay at the Enrollment Services counter in the Administration Building during regular business hours, then bring the receipt to the Learning Center counter.

Before you come in to test: Call the Learning Center before coming to take your exam to verify that we have received all your testing materials. When we ask for your professor's name, tell us that you are taking a 'correspondence' or 'non-Blinn' exam. The exam will be filled under the student's name.

Testing Procedures: Check in at the Testing Desk. Tell the person at the desk that you are taking a 'correspondence' or 'non-Blinn' exam. You will be allowed to take the exam, if we have your exam materials and instructions and if the deadline has not passed. You will take your exam in our Testing Area, which is separate from the Computer Lab and Tutoring Area. It is proctored by a member of the staff and monitored by cameras and recording equipment. Books, notes, cell phones, MP3 players, food and drinks are NOT allowed in the Testing Area.

LC Testing Center Rules:

  • A current photo ID is required to take a test.
  • All tests must begin one-and-one-half (1. 5) hours before closing.
  • Personal items are not allowed in the testing room. You may stored items in one of our lockers. Locks are provided.
  • Only items approved by your instructor are allowed in the Testing Center.
  • Talking is not allowed during testing.
  • Breaks are not allowed during testing.
  • A student may not leave the Testing Center without turning in the test.

We enforce a No Cheating Policy. Violation of the policy will result in forfeiture of the test, and your instructor will be notified of the incident.

Instructors/Distance Ed Offices

We require that you provide us with the student's name, course name, proctor instructions (deadline, type of calculator allowed, extra paper allowed, etc), exam copy or password for computer exams, and return instructions.

You may send exams via email, postal office mail (address to Learning Center at P.O. Box listed in right-hand column), or fax (979-209-7245). Please call us if you need to use a next-day mail service. Your testing materials and electronic copies will be shredded/deleted at the end of the semester.

Tests are stored in a locked filing cabinet, accessible only to LC professional staff (not student workers). Students must present a current Blinn ID, current Driver's License, or current passport when they arrive to take the exam. Only material which you permit is allowed in the Testing Area, which is separate from the Computer Lab and Tutoring Area. It is proctored by a member of the staff and monitored by cameras and recording equipment.

Students must follow posted instructions regarding rules and time constraints of the Learning Center testing area. We enforce a No Cheating Policy. When we confiscate cheat sheets from students, we turn them over to the instructor along with the test. We prevent cheating or remove the temptation by checking calculators, scantrons, blue book, etc. before a test begins. Students must leave books and bags and cell phones outside the testing area. All tests are considered "closed book" unless you specify otherwise.