Estimated Expenses

Tuition & Fees (based on 15 hours for each semester)


Living Expenses


Books, Transportation, & Miscellaneous Personal Expenses


TOTAL for one Academic Year 


* Estimate does not include living expenses, tuition, or fees for Summer Sessions I and II. 
Summer enrollment is optional.
** Estimated Expenses last updated: 05/04/2020

Completing The Financial Resource Documents

Students must be able to guarantee that they currently have the funds available in the amount listed above to cover the cost of one academic year. These documents cannot be accepted via email or fax.

You have two options for proving proof of financial resources:

Option 1:

Fill out the first page of the Confirmation of Financial Resources form. Then have your bank official certify that the information is correct and stamp it with the bank seal or official stamp. If the bank account holder is not the student, then you will need to have the account holder sign as the sponsor and fill in the appropriate information. 

Option 2:

If your bank does not have a seal or will not fill out the above form, you may have your bank issue a letter verifying your financial resources. The letter must follow these guidelines to be accepted.

  • Be current: dated within six months of the term for which you will be admitted;
  • Be original: on bank letterhead, signed by a bank official, and stamped and/or sealed with the bank seal;
  • Specify the amount: the letter must list the amount of funds available and it must cover the amount listed above;
  • Specify the denomination: must be in U.S. dollars;
  • Show personal available funds: letters indicating company assets, bonds, property, or investments are not acceptable.
  • Sponsor Letter (If applicable): A bank letter that states the accounts of a person other than the student must be accompanied by a sponsor letter to be accepted. Financial sponsors, such as parents or relatives, must provide a signed letter stating their willingness to cover the educational expenses of the student. 

* J-2 visa holders may submit the DS-2019 in lieu of the options above.

Submitting Financial Documents

The International Office is temporarily accepting financial documents via email due to the global health crisis. Original financial documents will still be required once the student arrives on campus. Students can drop the original documents in the Admissions drop box located at

3125 South Texas Avenue
Bryan, TX

or can choose to mail the originals to the appropriate address below.

If you are mailing documents by (UPS, FedEx, DHL) send to this address:

Blinn College
International Student Admissions
2423 Blinn Blvd.
Bryan, TX 77802

If you are using anything else, you can send to the P.O. Box address below:
Blinn College
International Admissions Office
P.O. Box 6030
Bryan, TX 77805