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Brenham Campus
902 College Avenue
Brenham, Tx 77833
Admin. Bldg. 213
(979) 830-4150
FAX (979) 830-4028

Bryan Campus
P.O. Box 6030
Admin. Bldg. 142
Bryan, TX 77805
(979) 209-7305
FAX (979) 209-7229

*When sending express mail to the Bryan campus (DHL, Federal Express, Airborne, etc.), use the physical address:  2423 Blinn Blvd.  Bryan, TX 77802; USA.


Tuition based on 15 semester hours $5,010
Fees (Registration, Technology, Student Services, Kinesiology, Science Lab) $1,320
Room/Board $8,652
Personal Expenses $2,184
Transportation  $2,912
Books $1,372
TOTAL for one Academic Year  $21,450


*Estimate does not include living expenses, tuition or fees for Summer Sessions I & II.  Summer enrollment is optional.

Information About Your Bank Letter

You or your sponsor may acquire a separate letter from his/her bank guaranteeing that sufficient funds are available to cover your first year's expenses at Blinn College.
If you send a separate bank letter, it must meet certain requirements.  The letter must:

  • Be current: dated within six months of the term for which you will be admitted;
  • Be original: on bank letterhead, signed by a bank official, and stamped and/or
    sealed with the bank seal;
  • Specify the amount of funds available- currently Blinn requires proof of at least $21,367;    
  • Specify the denomination of the funds: US dollars are preferred, but not
  • Show personal funds: letters indicating company assets or deposits are not

A bank letter which states the accounts of a person other than the student must be accompanied by a sponsor letter to be accepted.  Financial sponsors, such as parents or relatives, must provide a letter stating their willingness to cover the educational expenses of the student.