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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions concerning The Writing Center:

Who can use The Writing Center (Brenham)?
Blinn College students working on any writing assignment at any stage of the writing process may use The Writing Center.

Should students make appointments to use The Writing Center?
It is not necessary to make an appointment to use The Writing Center for the purposes of completing lab hours or to make use of the computers and resources. However, if a student desires tutoring, appointments are encouraged, but not required. A student must realize that by not making an appointment, he or she runs the risk of not being able to meet with a tutor immediately and may, in fact, have to wait several days for another opportunity.

What should students bring to a tutoring session?

  • Plenty of notebook paper and a pen or a pencil;
  • A copy of the paper assignment;
  • Class notes about the paper assignment;
  • The textbooks from the class for which the paper is being written;
  • Research notes and research materials (such as library books) for the paper;
  • Brainstorming, prewriting, outlining, or other ideas related to the paper; and
  • A few specific questions or concerns about the paper.

What should students bring to The Writing Center?
Students who come to The Writing Room should come prepared to work on their writing or lab assignments. The Writing Center is not for social gathering; strict guidelines (see Policies) are in place to ensure that The Writing Center maintains a quiet, learner's atmosphere where students can work on their assignments without distraction. Students who finish writing assignments but have not yet completed their two hours of required lab time are expected to work on class assignments from their other areas of studies. Any student exhibiting disruptive behavior will be asked to leave immediately.

Do tutoring consultants provide proofreading or editing services?
The Writing Center is a place for students to engage in individualized, active learning about their own writing. As a result, writing consultants in The Writing Center do not write on students’ papers. Instead, these consultants ask students to read their papers aloud and both ask and answer questions about these papers. By engaging students in conversation about their papers, writing consultants help students to not only recognize but also understand and improve potential weaknesses (and strengths!) in their writing.

Will tutoring consultants interpret literary reading selections for students?
Consultants in The Writing Center will gladly help students with their literary writing assignments. The best sources for information on literary interpretation, though, are students’ specific English instructors.

Is any kind of help not available in The Writing Center?
Writing consultants can help students with almost any concern related to writing. Writing consultants, however, do not estimate, predict, guarantee, or discuss paper grades. Likewise, these consultants do not discuss specific instructors or these instructors’ particular classroom policies. Students are not permitted to “drop off” their paper for a consultant to look at. Any consultations must be done in person.

Can I bring in a graded paper?
Absolutely! In fact, one of the best ways to reinforce learning and correction is to go over a paper in-depth and analyze errors and problem situations so that they are not repeated. Understanding the "why" and "how" of mistakes is the first step in eliminating them in future assignments.

How can students get more information about The Writing Center?
Additional information about The Writing Center is available in person in Academic Rooms 9 & 14 or by telephone at 979- 830-4699.