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Mailing Address:
Financial Aid
Blinn College
902 College Ave.
Brenham, TX 77833

Brenham Campus
On-campus Location:
Administration Bldg., Room 122

Bryan Campus
(not a mailing address)
On-campus Location:
Central Administrative Services Building
3125 S. Texas Ave., Suite 1900
(Tejas Shopping Center)


Financial Aid Disclosure

There are many factors that determine your financial eligibility, awards, and disbursement. Please read through these. Your financial aid is based on your FAFSA information and your academic performance. Please be sure you understand the financial aid Satisfactory Academic Performance Standards (SAP).

Financial Aid Awards - Your financial aid award will be based on an attendance of 12 or more hours a semester. If you are going to attend less, and you know well in advance, please contact us so that we can make the adjustment ahead of time at There are many factors that are used to determine a student’s eligibility. Most are based on federal and state regulations. All grant awards other than the Pell grant have limited funds available and are awarded to students who are eligible and complete all requirements first.  All federal and state grant programs are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.  All students are reviewed for all grant programs when they are awarded and will be awarded if funds are available to award.

Notification - Once you are awarded you will be sent an email telling you to review your award in myBLINN. From this point if any change is made to your awards by our office you will receive a follow up email explaining that a change has taken place. If you did not request an adjustment or are not sure what happened please contact our office at Students not wishing to consent to the use of electronic records (myBlinn, email, etc)must provide submit written request on paper, not email, to be exempt from this process to the financial aid office. The request must include the students name, ID, and their desire not to consent to the use of electronic records.

What do you do next - Once you are awarded the next steps are up to you.


  • Pell Grantwill be accepted automatically.  Funds provided to the school for students is unlimited but each student has a limit of how much they can receive per year and in a life time. You can review the Pell grant limits based upon the Expected Family Contribution on the FAFSA. The pell grant is prorated based on your enrollment. You can see this amount for the various EFCs as well.  The Pell Grant can be received for less than 6 hours of enrollment based on the students EFC.
  • SEOG, TPEG, TEOGThe grants must be accepted with 30 days of being awarded or they will be cancelled and awarded to other students.  These are federal or state grants that have various requirements. Funds are limited. You will be reviewed for eligibility of these funds when you are awarded. All of these grants are prorated based on your actual enrollment. If you are awarded these funds you will see additional award information boxes by each award. There are additional academic requirements tied to the TEOG.
    • 12+ hours - 100%
    • 9-11 hours - 75%
    • 6-8 hours - 50%
    • 1-5 hours - 0%

Pay As You Go (PayGo) – Blinn College begins dropping students for non-payment 1-2 months before each semester begins in a process called Pay As You Go.  Once Pay As You Go begins for each semester, classes are dropped nightly if the specific requirements are not met.  Realize that financial aid processing takes time.  You need to ensure that your process is complete and your financial aid, if you are dependent on it to pay your bill, is authorized to your account at least 2 weeks prior to the Pay As You Go drop date.

Authorization of Financial Aid - Your financial aid will not authorize to hold your classes for Pay As You Go or disburse when scheduled until:

  • all requirements are satisfied in Admissions,
  • your final high school transcript and all final academic transcripts are in Admissions,
  • all financial aid requirements are satisfied,
  • you are meeting the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Performance Standards (SAP)
  • you are in a program that is eligible for financial aid,
  • you have been awarded financial aid and you have taken all necessary steps,
  • you are registered for (at least, or a minimum of) 6 hours.  Pell is the only exception and varies from each student depending on the student Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on the FAFSA.

Disbursement of Aid – Blinn College does not disburse any financial aid until the day of record for each aid period. 

  • Aid periods can make up just a single semester/term or be comprised of multiple semesters.
  • Blinn College Aid periods and the day of record for each
  • Fall - Day of Record is 12th class day
  • Spring - Winter Mini and Spring - Day of Record is 12th class day of Spring
  • Summer - May Mini, Summer 1, and Summer 2 - Aid does not begin disbursing until the Day of Record for summer 1 - 4th class day.
  • There are many start dates in a semester and you must be attending, not just registered, in 6 hours for most grants and any loan to disburse.
  • Within the Fall and Spring semester there are 4 different parts of term
    • 16 week - classes meet the entire semester
    • 12 week - classes begin 4 weeks after the regular semester and finish at the end of the semester
    • Two 8 week sessions –
      • One begins at the beginning of the semester and end half way through
      • The second begins half way through the semester and ends at the end of the semester.

Other factors that may affect your financial aid

  • Repeat Courses – once you earn a grade of A, B, C, or D in a class it will only count towards your financial aid eligibility one more time no matter how long ago you took it, where, or what your grade in it was.
  • Classes in ineligible programs - students taking classes in programs that are ineligible for financial aid may have their aid cancelled. For example, the Real Estate Certificate program at Blinn College is not eligible to receive financial aid. Students who are taking RELE classes that do not satisfy requirements on their degree plan and are part of the certificate may have their financial aid limited or cancelled completely. Each student will be notified if this occurs.
  • Have already earned an Associates degree or higher - once you earn an associates degree or higher you will need have to appeal to receive financial aid. You must be seeking a degree at Blinn and not taking classes to transfer to another institution. If your appeal is approved your classes will be reviewed each semester. In order to receive financial aid you must be in classes that required for your degree program at Blinn College.
  • Withdrawal from the semester – If you withdraw during the semester Blinn College is required to perform a calculation, called Return of Title IV, by the U.S. Dept of Education to determine how much of your financial aid you have earned.