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Financial Aid
Blinn College
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Brenham Campus
On-campus Location:
Administration Bldg., Room 122

Bryan Campus
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Central Administrative Services Building
3125 S. Texas Ave., Suite 1900
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Financial Aid Application Process

It is important to plan ahead and start early when applying for financial aid. The entire financial aid process can take up to six weeks. But don’t worry; the financial aid office is here to help! We’ll help you understand everything you need to know, and give you tips on how to avoid delays.  Our goal is to make applying for financial aid as simple as possible!

Although you can apply for financial aid at any time, our PRIORITY DEADLINE is:  June 1st of each year. All information must be in our office by this date to ensure your financial aid is in place before your bill is due, and to receive maximum consideration for financial aid. Filing late increases the risk that funds may be depleted before your application can be reviewed.

Scams and ID Theft

Before You Apply

To be eligible for Financial Aid you need to:

  • have a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) Certificate
  • be a U.S. citizen, or an eligible non-citizen
  • be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible program of study
  • be pursuing a degree, or other recognized credential
  • have a valid Social Security Number 
  • be registered with the Selective Service, if required
  • maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • not be in default of any federal funds

Once you have determined that you are eligible, you are ready to begin the steps to apply for financial aid. You must reapply for financial aid EVERY YEAR you wish to receive aid.

STEP 1 – Apply for Admission to Blinn College
All new students and returning students who have not attended Blinn College for one long (fall, spring) semester must apply to the College. Follow this link to apply.  If you’re coming to Blinn as a transfer student, you must have a transcript from each college or university you have attended.

STEP 2 – Obtain a FSA ID
Your FSA ID will allow you to access and sign your free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Parents of dependent students will also need to obtain a FSA ID so that they can sign the FAFSA. Your FSA ID can be used each year to electronically apply for federal student aid and to access your Federal Student Aid records online.

STEP 3 – File your income tax return
To complete the FAFSA, students (and most likely parents) will need to have filed an income tax return.  If you are NOT required to file a tax return, continue to step 3. Please refer to IRS publication 501 for tax filing requirements.

STEP 3 - Complete Your FAFSA
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid can be completed and submitted online. You’ll need the Blinn College school code, 003549. Utilizing the IRS Data Retrieval Process is highly recommended. Please view the verification page for more information.

STEP 4 - Review Your Student Aid Report (SAR)
You will be notified by the Department of Education via e-mail within 3-5 days that your Student Aid Report (SAR) is ready for review and has been forwarded to the school(s) of your choice. If your SAR has errors, correct them online using your FSA ID.

STEP 5 - Complete Your File
Additional information may be requested to complete your file in a process called verification. You will be notified via email if your file is incomplete, but it is also recommended that you monitor your status online at myBLINN. The priority deadline to submit all documents is June 1 for Fall and Oct 1st for the Spring.

STEP 6 - Accept Your Awards
Once your financial aid application file is complete, you will receive an e-mail award notification.  Review your awards carefully. Accept or decline your financial aid award(s) at myBLINN. If you accept a loan(s), you will need to complete and submit the applicable master promissory note and entrance counseling.

STEP 7 – Prepare for Disbursement
If you submitted all applicable documents, your funds are ready for disbursement to your bill. Financial aid disbursements will begin on the 12th class day, (day of record). Refunds are processed by the business office and are distributed to students using their Buc Card. 

Common reasons that financial aid has not been disbursed to your bill are:

Master promissory note has not been completed and submitted for Direct and/or PLUS loans.

Entrance Counseling has not been completed and submitted for Direct loans.

You are not maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress(SAP)

You did not register for minimum required hours (enrollment must be at least half time – 6 hours).
***Half time status for financial aid is not necessarily half time status for your program***

How to Avoid Delays

File the FAFSA A.S.A.P.  The FAFSA can be filled out starting Oct 1st each year for the upcoming Fall semester. 

  • Use IRS Data Retrieval.
  • Provide consistent information.
  • Read all instructions.
  • Have your documents ready.
  • Use your legal name — not nicknames — and your correct social security number.
  • "You" and "your" refer to the student. Sections that refer to you, the student, are blue (orange on the paper FAFSA) . Sections that refer to your parents are purple.
  • If your parents are divorced, you must use the information for the parent you lived with most in the last 12 months. If that parent is remarried, you must also include the stepparent's income. Be sure to provide the information requested about your parents.
  • Make sure you include Blinn College’s school code 003549 on your list of school codes.
  • Use your FSA ID to sign your FAFSA.  One of the parents on your FAFSA can get a FSA ID and to sign your FAFSA.
  • You should receive an email from FAFSA once you submit your FAFSA.  If you do not log back into your FAFSA or call them at 1-800-433-3243 (1-800-4FEDAID).
  • It takes 2-4 days for your FAFSA to be received by Blinn College.

Monitor your status on the Financial Aid checklist in myBLINN.

Respond to all requests from the financial aid office as soon as possible. 

Routinely check the junk box on your personal email and your Blinn email.