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College Withdrawal and Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4)

How a withdrawal affects financial aid funds
Students who have received (or who are eligible to receive) federal financial aid and who withdraw from all their classes for the semester are subject to a recalculation of their awards based on the amount of aid earned.  The R2T4 calculation is performed within 30 days of the date of determination of the student’s withdrawn status.

The amount of aid earned is determined by the number of days the student was enrolled prior to withdrawing from classes. Any financial aid the student received in excess of the earned amount is considered unearned and must be repaid to the college. The college will return the unearned fund(s) to the appropriate federal student aid program(s). 

The Financial Aid Office will email the student a notification of change in eligibility, and issue a letter notifying the student of the R2T4 calculation results. Blinn College will return all required unearned funds on behalf of the school and the student to the federal government.

It is important to note that any return of these funds may result in the student owing a balance to Blinn College, and/or the federal government.  The R2T4 calculation is required based on federal regulations and is not subject to appeal.

Post Withdrawal Disbursement
As a result of the required R2T4 Calculation, there may be instances where students have undisbursed earned aid, and must decide if they want the post withdrawal disbursement of aid applied to their account. In such instances, the Financial Aid Office will email a notification to the student of this option within 30 days of the R2T4 calculation. Students must reply to the Financial Aid Office in writing by fourteen days of receiving this notice to benefit from a post-withdrawal disbursement.

Overpayment Resolution – Pell & SEOG grants
An inadvertent overpayment occurs when the school disburses funds to a student who is no longer in attendance, but prior to the date the school determines the student withdrew from the program. This would include any federal financial aid fund disbursements made after the student’s last date of attendance but prior to the College’s determination that the student was withdrawn. 

If the student owes the U.S. Department of Education any Pell grant or SEOG funds as a result of an R2T4 overpayment, the student is reported to National Student Loan Database System by the Financial Aid Office.  All overpayments must be handled between the student and the U.S. Department of Education.  The student is mailed a letter within 30 days of the date that the school determined the student withdrew informing them about the over payment status and providing instruction on how to make the payment arrangements. 

Funds returned as a result of R2T4 will be refunded in the following order:

  • Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan
  • Federal Subsidized Direct Loan
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loan
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

R2T4 Example
Mary Johnson is receiving Title IV federal grants for the spring semester. The start date is January 8 and end date is May 4. There is 7 days for scheduled spring break – no classes.

Tuition and Fees = $1,000
Pell Grant disbursed = $1400
FSEOG disbursed = $1200

Mary withdrew from all classes on January 18. Mary attending a total of 11 days during a period of 110 calendar days, calculated at 10% of the semester. Because this percent is 60% or less, the percentage of Title IV aid earned is 10%. Unearned is 90%.

Mary was disbursed $2600 and earned 10% or $260.

Mary’s tuition and fees is $1000. 

The amount of unearned charges is $900 (1000 x 90%). This amount is due from the school. Unearned aid is $2340 (2600 – 260).

Amount of unearned aid due from the student is $2340 - $900 = $1440. Part of this return is protected from return of Title IV, or 50% of the total grants or $1300. Student is responsible for returning the difference of $1440 - $1300 = $140.
The school will return the $900 and the $140 (on behalf of the student).

The school will reduce the Pell Grant by $1040, leaving the student with a Pell award of $360. The student will be billed for the $1040.

When a Student Fails All Classes
If a financial aid recipient who has not officially withdrawn fails to receive a passing grade, or successfully complete at least one class during the term (F, W, Q, QF, and NP grades), the Financial Aid Office will determine whether the student actually established eligibility for the aid originally awarded.  Instructors will be contacted and asked to provide information on the student’s attendance and the last date of academic activity.  If the student did not begin attendance, or stopped attending during the payment period, the financial aid originally awarded will be canceled or adjusted in accordance with the R2T4 policy.

How a Withdrawal Affects Future Financial Aid Eligibility
When a student enrolls in courses during a semester and fails to successfully complete some or all of the courses taken, it may have an impact on their eligibility to continue to receive federal Title IV funding in future semesters.  For more information on this subject please refer to the Financial Aid Office’s policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Institutional Tuition & Fee Refund Procedures
Blinn College will adjust tuition and fee charges if the student withdraws during the tuition refund period and is eligible to receive a refund at the time of withdrawal.  If the tuition refund period has passed, Blinn College will not adjust tuition and fee charges billed to the student.  

Note:  Blinn College’s tuition refund policy is separate from federal regulations to return unearned financial aid.  Receiving a tuition refund from Blinn will have no impact on the amount the student must repay to federal aid programs. 
Please visit the Business Services Office online for more information about Blinn College’s Refund Procedures.

Institutional Withdrawal Process
Students may choose to officially withdraw from the college online through their myBlinn account, or on campus through Enrollment Services by completing the necessary drop form. The Office of Admissions & Records processes all class withdrawals whether submitted online, or in person. Students who do not officially withdraw and stop attending classes will be administratively withdrawn after 2 weeks of non-attendance in accordance with Blinn College’s attendance policy.

Please visit the Office of Admissions and Records online for more information concerning the college’s withdrawal policy.